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For those who follow Chris Hoyt, AKA TheRecruiterGuy, you know that he recently began a new opportunity at PepsiCo. This week, he periodically tweeted about various aspects of his onboarding process. I'm not sure about anyone else, but after seeing what happened during his 1st week, PepsiCo sounds like a pretty AWESOME place to work. Check out some of his tweets (@therecruiterguy)

PepsiCo has some impressive wellness programs for active lifestyles and preventative activities w/great rewards ($$$!) #onboarding

I'm not just "hearing" the PepsiCo diversity & inclusion vision... I've been FEELING & SEEING it here on the campus today. #onboarding

Indra Nooyi (CEO) at PepsiCo actively blogs on Intranet. #onboarding #GetsIt

Getting ready for my first Town Hall. WOW, this campus is gorgeous!! (mtn biking trl, archery range, lake, frisbee golf course!) #onboarding

In 2nd Town Hall. EVERY leader I've heard speak today (~6) have talked about the importance of attracting top talent. #onboarding #GetsIt

To be fair, Chris has several years of recruiting experience and is a veteran of social media. So, he knows how to communicate to prospective candidates and others the unique benefits of an organization using a variety of channels. Given that his target audience on social media is partially made up of human resources and recruiting professionals, onboarding is probably a topic that generates some degree of interest. But, I don't think that his ultimate purpose was to immediately convince everyone to work at PepsiCo. During the week, he seemed to be genuinely excited about joining a new organization and just wanted to share that experience with his community. However, I do think that he influenced a lot of people about the quality of the organizational culture at PepsiCo as demonstrated through their onboarding process. At the very least, he inspired me to write this blog post.

In the same that Chris influenced his community, I think that each employee (not just the recruiting team) has the potential to influence prospective candidates on the merits of their organization. Not only during their 1st week but throughout their employment without substantial individual investments of time. Just imagine if there was a live Twitter stream integrated into an organization's career site that let employees discuss their experiences. From completing a major project to having a great leadership development meeting, each employee could personalize key aspects (good/bad) of their employment experience. Since each functional unit (engineering, finance, sales, marketing, R&D, etc..) has different core interests, the technical team could show relevant tweets based on the area of the site the candidate was viewing. What do you think? Should employers give real-time insight into the organization for prospective candidates? Would employee centered insights better influence employment decisions of prospective candidates?

-Omowale Casselle (@mysensay)


About the Author: Omowale Casselle is the co-founder and CEO of mySenSay, a social recruiting community focused on connecting talented college students with amazing entry-level employment opportunities.


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