Stumped by a Job Interview Question? Here’s What to Do.

You can prepare for an interview day and night and still get stumped by a question during the interview process.  That’s okay, you are not alone it happens to many prepare and qualified individuals. There are some questions that you just are not prepared for and they seem to come out of left field. There may be times the answer seems to run out of your head and some – you really aren’t sure what to say.  Here is a short rundown of ways you can successfully handle these three situations.
A Question “Seemingly” Off Topic – To interview curiosity and to gauge your knowledge on a subject can be reason these type of questions can be thrown at you. No matter the reason, take this question just as serious as you do the others. Pay careful attention to what is being asked, if you are unclear there is nothing wrong with asking the interviewer to rephrase the question. This will give clarity to properly understand the question to give the most appropriate response, not to mention more time to gather your thoughts to respond to the question. Relax and do your best.
When You Draw a Blank – It’s okay to ask for a minute to organize your response and do some quick brainstorming.  You can ask to come back to that question at the end of the interview if you feel the silence is becoming uncomfortable. It’s acceptable request, but you are going to have to go back to it. Do not feel obligated to keep talking. Silence is acceptable during an interview when you are think of an answer, just concentrate on the thought you are looking to convey.
Not Sure What to Say – Here it is also okay to ask for clarification if you are not sure what the interview is asking. Try asking for an example. This will help you to better understand what they mean and can guide you the correct response.  If you decide to guess and take a shot in the dark, you just give them what they want, but why take the chance?  The object is, to get the job.
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