Talent Acquisition & Sourcing Conclave – Top Tweets

If you’re on Twitter and you’re a regular Tweeter then you’re familiar with Tweeting. Given the amount of people who tweet regularly we decided to host a Tweet Contest at The Talent Acquisition & Sourcing Conclave to make the entire experience fun. But what is a contest without rules and regulations? Hence the audience, participants and speakers were given clear cut instructions about the Contest such as…

  • The individual with the maximum number of Tweets
  • The most creativity displayed within the Tweets
  • Use the hash tag “# TASCON 15” when Tweeting

With the number of tweets that we received, deciding on the top tweets was that much difficult. Nevertheless, I’ll do my best. Now that the instructions are clear and we know that these Tweets were displayed on a screen for everyone’s viewing, let’s look at the Top Tweets...


  • @Ennvee03: #TASCON15 new techniques of Sourcing passive candidates... Go for #SourcePRO training. @SourcingAdda
  • SourcePRO... The recruiter Swiss knife... #TASCON15

Future of Sourcing

  • Competency mapping and skill bench marking are future of sourcing. #TASCON15
  • #TASCON15 talent mapping, competitive intelligence, building hierarchy charts could still be the future...
  • Automation and artificial intelligence is the future of sourcing, says @sreeniyrao MD FutureStep India #TASCON15

Case Study WNS

  • @RajendraRaut addressing the delegates on "Case Study on WNS" at #TASCON15
  • @RajendraRaut started with "History of #HR" at #TASCON15

Employer Branding

  • #TASCON15 how to handle negative sentiments-just acknowledge them
  • #TASCON15 competitive advantage is most important in calculating ROI in Employer Branding
  • @GlobeSlother advocates Self-censorship as the best way to control what employees have to say about their organization on #SoMe #TASCON15

How to Build a Sourcing Team?

  • Whoa! What A discussion on "end to end Recruitment model" vs "Sourcing-recruitment model"
  • So why built sourcing team. Answer cost & specialist. #TASCON15

Riding the Referral Wave

  • Transparency and Control becomes key differentiator for a successful Sourcing Cell - R Raut. @RajendraRaut #TASCON15 @kunjal23 @Ennvee03
  • Part of Community OR Solo Player? Leverage network to be effective says Rajendra Raut #TASCON15 @kunjal23 @RajendraRaut @Ennvee03
  • #TASCON15 robust #quality #measurement system is key to #success of #sourcer /#recruiter #partnership says Raj@RajendraRaut @Sarangbrahme

Impact of Technology  

  • A really insightful session on Impact of technology on sourcing with @mickychopra @TalentPundit @SatyaReddyA @SourcingAdda #TASCON15
  • Impact of technology on sourcing...it’s the revolution #TASCON15

Best practices in Social Recruiting

  • "@Sarangbrahme: Extraordinary Sourcers defined by @jashanjoshi #TASCON15 pic.twitter.com/HE8wQy2om6"

LinkedIn Hacks

  • The Easy Way To Get To 500+ connections in LinkedIn #tascon15 http://ow.ly/3xJCwQ
  • How To Write A Killer LinkedIn Headline #Tascon15 http://ow.ly/3xJCy5
  • Group connections...indirect way to connect to candidates thru linkedin...#TASCON15 mindblowing idea @anshumanhr

Source faster than ever before using Chrome extensions

  • @reshmadhumal good under - statement. Recruitem is Wonderful tool for Sourcing. #TASCON15
  • #TASCON15 tool based sourcing is helpful until and unless it gets blocked, the real fun starts with Google and Booleans!!
  • Now comes prophet...the tool to find company email address...it’s easy...works best for linkedin.fb.twitter...#TASCON15

Magic of 160 Characters

  • Twitlonger is the excellent tool to post jobs on twitter #TASCON15
  • Twitter should be used more for learning not only for job postings. .#TASCON15
  • Followerwonk designed as job board #TASCON15
  • BIO is online resume on twitter. .160 characters # TASCON15

Passive Sourcing through lesser known sources

  • #TASCON15 if you don't like your boss or your colleague from office you can sell him on OLX too ...: p
  • "You know" allows u to find candidates thru pin codes, mobile numbers, exp...#TASCON15
  • AIRS resume search directly searches resume from linkedin,http://indeed.com...this tools are making life easy @SourcingAdda #TASCON15
  • ReferYes allows u to create search, select location and allows you to select file type of resume #TASCON15
  • Huge info on  http://data.com , says @SourcingNinja @SourcingAdda #TASCON15

Company Mapping

  • Google ur partner or competitors which use the same technology...start of company mapping #TASCON15
  • #TASCON15 Company mapping... The real skill of a researcher... The good old head hunting and talent landscaping... Recruiting long lists... 
  • @Ennvee03: Use Xing, Meetup, LinkedIn for mapping companies #TASCON15 via @niteshnishu 

These were some of the many Tweets that met the criteria for them to be categorised as Top Tweets nonetheless. A tip for those who missed out on any crucial points you need only follow these tweets and the information will come rushing back. How great is that, wouldn’t it be that much more effective if we adopted the same method in refreshing our knowledge base. Be sure to have a look at the Tweets and stay updated with the information gathered. Hope to see our patrons participating in future TweetChats (#sourcingchat) to come.

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