To find the best talent, you have to be available to the best talent. These days, many of the candidates you seek are connecting to jobs via mobile platforms – and if you aren’t there, you’ll miss them!

The shift toward mobile recruitment makes sense. After all, nearly every person looking for a job has a mobile device, and more than two-thirds of them search for and apply to jobs using those devices. The job search has evolved from a stand-alone task to one of a dozen that young candidates seamlessly integrate into their normal mobile use; however, CedarCrestone’s 2012/2013 HR study found that a mere 16 percent of recruiters engage with talent through mobile apps.

If you aren’t in the small cohort of mobile recruiters, you could miss out on hundreds (if not thousands) of eager and qualified candidates. 

The good news is, you already have access to many of the resources you need to develop a mobile-friendly recruitment strategy without too many growing pains. Below are some of the ways to begin mobile recruitment today: 

Social networking – You should already be using social media to engage with potential clients. Include posts that will attract potential candidates, such as click-through links to your job postings, photos and videos that show off where your candidates work and even the occasional promotion to attract sign-ups. It doesn’t have to be a high-ticket item; the chance to win a $10 Starbucks gift card will often be enough to pique a candidate’s interest. 

Job alerts – Nearly 80 percent of job seekers aged 18 to 25 respond to mobile job alerts.  Bump up your applications by allowing site users to sign up for email or mobile job alerts instantly. Provide options to customize the alert to the type of job, location, and (most importantly) frequency of alerts so they can receive the alerts when and where they want. 

Make your Web site mobile-friendly – Of course, job alerts are only effective to the extent that candidates follow through and apply. A mobile-optimized Web site will give candidates the opportunity to visit your site immediately – perhaps even by clicking through the job alert – and submit an application or resume without waiting until they get home. An added benefit is that mobile users who visit your site organically will also have an easier time navigating and are more likely to apply as well. 

Mobile referrals –I can’t count the number of conversations I have had with a friend or former classmate in which I hear, “Well, let me know if you hear of any openings.” Your current employees almost certainly hear the same line, so make it easier for them to refer candidates with a few taps on a smartphone. Using a mobile referral system also gives you the option to hold contests or offer incentives for employees who refer talent to you.

Recruitment apps – There are a wealth of recruitment apps optimized for both iOS and Android platforms that will enrich your mobile recruitment experience. From mobile versions of your most-visited sites to talent geolocation and on-the-go interviewing, these apps allow you to take advantage of all the benefits of mobile recruitment. 

As mobile recruitment becomes more sophisticated, recruiters who create and execute a strong mobile recruitment strategy will remain ahead of the competition and will find the talent that others don’t even know is out there. 

How do you use mobile recruitment as part of your overall recruitment strategy?

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