Tech Tuesday: Apple Macs, affiliate programs and a robot that helps kids with autism.

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Once again, new products may or may not be on the horizon.
Ever get the feeling that it's simply a sure thing to report that there's new products coming out from Apple? This time, the Apple Macs are the target. Where's the proof? Well, there's no sure proof, but people on the "inside" are supposedly talking about the new upgrades to all Mac computers, from the Mini to the Pro.

"According to trusted sources in Apple’s supply chain, who have handled prototype components and casings for the new Apple notebook, the computer is currently undergoing test production rounds. The new 15-inch MacBook Pro is coming this summer, and it features an ultra-thin design, a “jaw-dropping” Retina Display, and super-fast USB 3"

In addition, Best Buy appears to be lowering price on Macs, in a move that indicates they are looking to unload stock in order to make room for new models. Whether or not the upgrades are true, we'll have to wait and see, but newer models of computers seems like a sure bet to me with or without "inside" information.

Internet companies to watch that aren't Facebook

Facebook is stealing the spotlight once again, but a couple other companies are making waves in the background. Shutterstock has filed for initial offering having reported a profit of just under $21.9 million for 2011. Shutterstock is a stock image site, similar to, where customers can buy one image at a time or purchase a subscription for a month of downloads. is the latest revenue generating affiliate program to enter the market and promises to be less cumbersome than competitors. An affiliate program is set up by companies like Amazon to get website owners, bloggers and basically anyone that uses the Internet to help sell their products through referral and, for your efforts you receive points or minimal cash. The downside is the upkeep and set up are drawn out processes and many people simply give up before completing the implementation. promises to change that.

"Referly tracks the links you share, and rewards you for your friends’ actions. When you share your favorite products and services, you build a reputation as the “go-to guru” for the things you love, and get rewards for generating purchases."

You're unlikely to quit your day job through these referrals but it can put a few extra pennies in your pocket, and who couldn't use that?

Keepon: the robot that helps children with autism.


In honor of Mother's Day, we have one amazing story about a little robot that is changing the way autistic kids communicate. Autistic children often have a hard time interacting, even with children of their own age. For this reason scientists have been working on a tool to stimulate and record their interaction and communication in order to provide insight that may help children with autism in the future.

The robot, named
Keeponbobs up and down while tilting (at the risk of aging myself, does anybody else remember the dancing flower?) which apparently engages autistic children... and others.

The makers posted this
video of Keepon to YouTube where it received more than 3 million views and multiple requests to buy the little guy. Unfortunately, with all of its intricacies, the robot costs approximately $30,000. So the makers decided to make a lower grade version in order to continue the funding of their work in other labs worldwide.

So, for less than $15.00 you can buy a neat little toy and fund the research that could help autistic kids better communicate with those around them.

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