Now I love Facebook; there’s not many days I don’t log on. Facebook is my life in pictures; it’s silly, inane comments that only my friends and family get; it’s me at my rawest: No facade, no show, just me. If you’re my Facebook friend and I’m having a bad day, then you’ll probably hear about it in rather passionate prose… But you know what; I don’t have very many Facebook friends! I won’t befriend anyone I haven’t met, anyone I don’t like, or anyone I think there’s even a remote chance I might work with. And anyone I do befriend gets immediately labelled with one of three privacy levels. It’s not that there’s anything remotely dodgy on there – maybe the odd drunken SingStar photo, or a choice expletive, but nothing condemning. My Mum and Dad are both on there after all! But I don’t want every man and his dog seeing pictures of my life, friends and family! That’s private stuff!

I appreciate that some people use Facebook for recruitment and business. Some with success too… but for me, Facebook is the personal social media tool of choice. LinkedIn is for business; Twitter is for a mix of business, personal branding and pleasure; and Facebook is purely personal. I don’t mind being advertised to on there but pretty please, with cherries and cream, don’t ask me to be your friend if you’re not actually my friend!

I’m totally intrigued about how other people use Facebook though. So many people I know have hundreds of ‘friends’! To what end? And if you use it for business and pleasure then how do you keep the two separate? Do you have separate accounts, a raft of different privacy settings, or do you just keep it clean and not overly personal?

Please share your experiences; I would love to hear them!

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Comment by Fran Hogan on December 14, 2009 at 11:30am
I'm with you Wendy! I use Facebook strictly for my family and friends. The only crossovers are some business contacts I made "friends" with over the years....and I've met them. I use LinkedIn and Twitter for business...Facebook is offlimits!
No one in business really needs to know that I'm going out for some dirty martinis and dinner with my girlfriends next week :-)
Comment by Will Branning on December 14, 2009 at 3:01pm
So far, Facebook has been personal for me, but I'm open to consider it for business if I can figure out how to mix the two...
Comment by Wendy Jacob on December 15, 2009 at 4:45pm
Thanks all for your comments! It's so interesting how everyone uses it differently. I suppose a big part of it depends on your target market too. I'm not averse to using it for business, but I think I'd definitely want a separate account... I'd be too nervous of posting something daft otherwise!


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