Cause, contain and consequence

These 3 C's cover the entire scenario relating to flood damage. There is no escaping the inevitable in the face of flooding. The causes for it are normally a natural phenomenon but the consequences revolving around it is completely in the hands of the authorities. Improper flood control tactics and failed planning of cities and drains can have devastating results.

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Causes for the situation

The main cause for flood damage is improper planning of the affected locations, slow response time, lack of natural barriers and low morale. The loss of nature in the face of industrialisation and modernity is the primary reason for the heavy damage that flooding brings along with it. Nature is the most effective barrier against nature and the lack of it in highly populated areas has disastrous results. Flood damage is an undeniable fact, but the intensity of the situation is often widened due to improper planning, lack of efficient control methods and weak response teams not equipped to meet the situation. The end result of this is usually the need for (often costly) water damage repair contracting services

Containing the situation

In order to contain such a situation the emergency relief teams which comprises of the military, fire and emergency corps and NGO's often come together to manage the situation. Temporary waterways or inland canals are seen as very effective and is the most widely practiced flood control tactic. Barriers and flood gates form an effective system in holding back the damage caused by floods and many countries around the world have adopted this approach. Dams are often seen as a primary defence system during floods and are often constructed in a manner that will assist the flood situation. Many nations have adopted several flood control tactics ranging from coastal defences to flood control dams and reservoirs.

Consequences of the situation

The consequences are unaccountable during such emergencies. The loss to life and property is painful and the loss and damage inflicted to the natural habitat and ecosystem is often irreplaceable. Some cases have led to water contamination and soil damage. Displacement of people is a very alarming and challenging task to deal with. The amount of finance shelled out to contain the situation is really high and it is also accompanied by costs revolving around the repair of the damage caused to life and property.

But there is a mention of a positive effect caused due to flooding and that is mostly prevalent in deltas or farming regions close to coastal areas, even though there is damage to the farmlands, farmers at times are not really devastated due to the floods, cause soil due to movement is deposited with nutrients that will in turn help in giving them a better yield when the water has receded.

The 3 C's of flood damage is not an avoidable fact; it is prevalent and has taken place, is taking place and will take place again. Nations and corporations are working together to forge better flood control tactics and relief methods. Hopefully, in the near future the quarantine of floods will be more effective and efficient.

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