The 5 Hottest Technologies for Your IT Career

As a tech professional, you’re already in high demand by definition. The unemployment rate in the IT field stands at 2.5%, meaning you likely have a multitude of positions available to you and recruiters contacting you regularly. But how can you make yourself even more valuable to employers, and really take your career to the next level? The answer lies in obtaining experience in several of the hottest technologies and rounding out your skill set with knowledge in the areas employers are looking for most.

Mobile Optimization and App Development

Consumers are using cell phones and tablets more each day, and because of this IT efforts are being geared toward mobile optimization. Programmers are optimizing code for iOS and Android, Web Designers are creating sites with various screen sizes in mind, and nearly every other tech position is tasked with similar considerations. When so many different devices like phones, TVs, ereaders, video game consoles, and more are able to access the same web pages, it’s important for organizations to provide a seamless and consistent experience.

This is where apps come in. In 2017, there is expected to be $77 billion in app revenue generated, underscoring an opportunity for organizations to capitalize on increased mobile internet usage. How much is that usage exactly? For a start, smartphone users spend a whopping 89% of their mobile time on apps equating to over 35 hours per month of app time for those aged 18-34. Such high consumer demand for mobile apps has directly resulted in increased enterprise demand for the tech talent that can efficiently and effectively create them.

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Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

One of the hottest technologies making the rounds across news outlets everywhere is AI. Now a reality, AI is creating efficiencies for countless organizations the likes of which have never been seen before. Studies show that 62% of companies will be using artificial intelligence in their operations by next year, and that means the demand for AI talent is growing quickly. Leading aerospace company Boeing is betting big on the technology, investing $1 billion on a new 27-acre facility designed to use AI and robots in order to streamline production of its 777X jet.

On the ground, self-driving cars are harnessing the technology with realistic impacts on the near future. Recently, an autonomous car successfully drove itself over 4,300 miles across the country. At the same time, Tesla is close to testing a self-driving semi-truck prototype, while Mazda and even tech giant Intel plan on producing autonomous vehicles very soon. Countless companies are following suit, making obtaining AI skills a high priority for tech job seekers.

Cybersecurity Technology

There’s a reason that a role like Information Security Analyst is one of the highest paying jobs in ITCybersecurity threats are relentless, costing businesses billions of dollars between ransomware, corrupted data, downtime, and decreased consumer trust. Any technologies that can help secure networks, systems, servers, and organizations in general are some of the hottest in the industry. This includes tech focused on:

  • Identity authentication
  • App security
  • Industrial internet protocols
  • Fraud detection
  • Security automation
  • Data security
  • Cyber risk assessment
  • Information rights management
  • Cloud access
  • Endpoint detection and response
  • Behavioral analytics
  • Security testing for DevOps
  • Remote browsers
  • Cyberattack deception

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Big Data Analytics

The demand for big data analysis shows no signs of slowing down, with organizations seeing positive results after breaking down data silos and using information as a tool as opposed to letting it sit stagnant. Since 80-90% of all data is unstructured, any program or skill set that can sift through massive amounts of raw information and gleam actionable insights out of the chaos is extremely valuable to any company. Within the IT skills shortage already in existence, there is an even more pronounced lack of available talent in the niche of big data and analytics. Gaining expertise in this area in 2017 will set your career up for a landmark 2018.

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IoT, API, and the Cloud

At a time when cars, appliances, speakers, heating and cooling systems, televisions, alarm systems, locks, and countless other devices are connected to the internet, knowledge of IoT technology can help quickly grow your career. Organizations are looking to refine, improve, and secure their IoT offerings and usage but often lack the necessary knowledge to do so. The same can be said of cloud technology, which is seeing adoption from companies that aren’t yet backed by appropriate tech professionals. That makes experience with an Application Programing Interface (API) highly desired, as such technology is relied upon to authenticate and authorize devices as they look to exchange data over the internet and through the cloud.

The Hottest Technologies for Your Career in 2017

Gaining experience in the hottest technologies of 2017 is not only fun, but it’s professionally rewarding. These technologies have risen in prominence because employers are investing heavily in them and seeking talent that can usher new innovations into their companies. Get just a few of the above technologies under your belt and on your resume, and your career will benefit from you becoming more marketable than ever.

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Comment by Keith D. Halperin on September 25, 2017 at 5:17pm

These can be moving targets, by the time you master one/more, there may be demand for something else.


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