The 5 Key Areas Of Focus That Will Guarantee a High Biller

Recruitment training is vital for any recruitment business to grow. So often though it is a missing step that new recruitment business owners miss out on. The most productive and cost effective person in your team is your recruiter. Your recruiters are the front line and helping them perform at a peak level will add more to your bottom line than almost anything else you invest in. It can be a huge assumption to think that all your recruiters are skilled to a high level. So often changing companies leads to a change in performance and often in the wrong direction. So you might be wondering where to focus your recruitment training resources? Here are some key areas.

1. Your Way of Doing Things

Will this make a difference? Yes it will. So often new recruiters to a company continue with their own style. This can lead to confusion with candidates and clients. Imagine if you are used to working in a certain way and then suddenly Johnny or Joan turns up who is totally different. Top tip have an induction programme. They are easy to create and will help in your branding with everyone your company comes across. They have an additional benefit as well, which will cover next.

2. Set Expectations

When you start to implement this you will be so glad. There is no point getting chewed up about how somebody dress’s, or their lack of time keeping if your company standards have not been pointed out.

Even better get your recruiters to sign the documentation that comes with your company’s expectations. It might sound heavy handed. It isn’t. It’s professional and fair on all concerned. Your new recruiter agrees how they will behave and deliver, and so do you.

3. Development Plan

The flip side for your new recruiter is that they now have structure. As human beings we love structure. The upside of this for them is that though they have company expectations to meet, they also have a development plan. People appreciate attention. You can access information and services designed to up skill your recruiters at the click of a mouse. It could be as simple as a book and a set of CD’s in the first month followed by an advanced selling skills course when they pass their probation.  All of this investment pays for itself and in many cases will give you a 50 to 1 return on your initial investment.

4. Advanced Selling Skills

This is a key are to invest in when it comes to recruitment training. All sales people improve with repetition. In fact any skills when coached well will improve. Imagine what can be achieved with some new questioning skills, or a different way of gaining commitment from a client or candidate to choose your company to work with? It is a well documented fact that companies that invest in recruitment training and development have improved results.  The last two UK Sunday time’s best company awards highlighted this fact.

5. Prospecting and Conversion

Old fashioned words and yet as important to day as ever. Prospecting is about keeping in touch with opportunity, always doing something each day to fill your pipeline with potential candidates and clients.

You may have a wonderful website and yet if you team don’t know how to convert those people that come in it becomes an expensive luxury. Make sure your new recruiters know the process and next steps when following up ‘leads’ like this.

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Nicky Coffin has over 15 years' experience in recruitment training and training recruiters. If you want to know more about recruitment training.Visit her interactive website at Centred Excellence.


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