Like a computer with a well functioning operating system, companies that perform exceptionally well year after year have a well planned Renewable Operating System (ROS). Better than a strategic plan, an ROS creates a better way of doing business with speed, agility, and reduced effort, similar to the powerful processors in today’s technical devices.

The first step I initiate with every leader with whom I work to create an ROS starts with the current “code.” Just like rewriting an entire software program is overly labor intensive and often unnecessary, rewriting how a company does business is often a complete waste of time and resources. Instead, one of four actions, based upon the current circumstances, is the quick and nimble way to go from here to an even more profitable there:

Reboot: A solid plan for running the business was in place, but wasn’t followed. A reboot allows for a fresh chance to work the plan from beginning to end, while also evolving it into an ROS that eliminates the need for future reboots.

Reset: Parts of the previous plan weren’t followed, requiring only a reset on those portions of the plan. Without having to completely start over, momentum continues as the missing elements are integrated into a better, more sustainable operating system.

Reconfigure: The last plan was worked correctly, consistently, and completely, but the result didn’t meet expectations. Without overwriting the entire system, only the elements of the plan that were causing the shortfall need to be reconfigured when developing the ROS.

Redesign: There was no plan and, no surprise, nothing good has come of that. Redesign allows for learning from this oversight, creating an ROS for moving forward based upon what was learned in the process.

Rather than relying on a strategic plan for next year that may end up in the bottom of a drawer, program a fresh approach based upon where you’re at today. By having an operating system that benefits from the lessons of previous successes and failures, you can plan for an even better future.

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