The Best Websites for Jobs in Travel and Hospitality Tech

I´ve learned that there are some tricks to find the jobs in the travel tech bubble. They´re a combination of filters with different locations on the web. It might be that they´re either under technology or travel and leisure, or hospitality. That leaves me with finding something that might interest me at a ration of one post per every two pages.

Here is a list of the best websites to look for and to get straight to the point:


BetaList is the place for those who love startups and get excited with new tools. It also is the place to find jobs in those startups.

BetaList Jobs for the Travel Tech Industry

One thing I love about it is the Remote jobs filtering option and the section for Travel. However, there´s lack of variety and most of the jobs are for Planet Booking.

Travel category on BetaList Jobs


I find Linkedin crowded and distracting for job hunting. Due to its dimension, finding my tribe can prove to be a difficult task and a combination of filters and tricks.

Search Results on Linkedin

Here is a search applying the filter Leisure, Travel & Search with location in Lisbon. From the first 20 posts only 6 are for tech-based companies.

The jobs section of AngelList is full of all posts for startups. It’s one of favourite websites to look through, although it excludes the main players with great careers pages or adopted Linkedin to attract a higher number of potential candidates.

This is a search based on Market “Online Travel” and “Operations” on Role. It’s also possible to add location and other sub-categories, making the search brilliant in terms of options.

Travel Tech Jobs

It started as a Facebook Group where talent and travel and hospitality tech companies could connect, that myself and some friends from the industry have created. Not only its main purpose was to remove all the noise of wide stream websites with unrelated posts, as it’s also useful to exchange links for job referral schemes and connect with people from this industry only.

We then developed into a marketplace platform with more functionality and filtering features.

Travel Tech Job

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