There are a few things in life that are just beyond our control, and then there is the rest which we have a "say" in. Obviously we didn't have any say in the fact that we were born. We couldn't choose the day, the time, or our parents, etc. Everything was basically out of our control. Eventually we will all die, and if let alone to nature we really don't have much say in that event either. It's what happens between those dates, the dash, that we have a major impact on. This is the story that we get to write for ourselves and to direct as we see fit.

The dash...sure it seems so inconsequential and can almost appear to be just boring in fact. In reality, it is the dash that is our legacy, and the one part of life that we get to choose for the most part. It is the dash that tells the story of who we were and what we did while on this earth. It is the dash that most people will remember us by and reflect back upon. Unfortunately more often than not most people forget that WE are the writers of the dash and WE get to fill in the blank that exists between birth and death. It's not unusual for people to take the position that we are at the effect of our life instead of being the cause.

You feel stuck in your job and unable to get things accomplished. Your job is just ruining your life and you are unhappy. Put bluntly, you are at the effect of your job. Guess what? You have a say in the matter! If you don't like your job you should change it! Perhaps it isn't your job at all, but perhaps it is just you being you. When you realize that you are in the position that you are in because you choose to be in it, you can transform the very experience at hand. Instead of feeling trapped, stuck, or underutilized, you can see things for what they really are. You are where you are because that is where you choose to be. It is not your job that is ruining your life, but it is you that allows yourself to be dictated by your job. If you really wanted to make a change you would have already done so, but that requires you to take action and be responsible for what's happening in your own life. It is just way easier to sit back and blame something else outside of yourself. You get to be the victim and have everyone feel bad for you. However, there is no power in this. Life will continue with you as the victim as a reoccurring theme. Example: Didn't get that promotion? Must be because they didn't like you. Your child didn't make the team that they tried out for? It must be because the other kid's parents donate so much to the school. That college didn't accept you? Well it's only because they needed to fill their minority quota. The story goes on and on and we can continue to find excuses or reasons for everything that didn't work out in your life. All of the reasons we come up with will make you the victim of your own life, and at the effect of your life. Alternatively we can look at things for what they are. Example: I didn't make that promotion because I didn't make the promotion. Now, there may be things that I could have done to better my chances at landing that promotion. Perhaps I should take a look at what those things could have been. My child didn't make the team because he didn't make the team. What can I do to better prepare him for the next try-out? The college didn't accept me because they didn't accept me. What areas might I improve upon to be considered the next time around? It is the context that we operate in that gives us the power to be the writer of our own destiny. It's time to get off the sidelines and get into the game! Write your dash and create you for who you know yourself to be!

RecruiterBuddy is designed to CAUSE your success! We have made it possible to have all the tools necessary for you to succeed right at your fingertips. If you want to succeed as a recruiter, then cause yourself to be a success by being in action and using the software that will empower that success. There is no reason that you aren't making the placements that you could be making other than you don't really want to. Cause yourself to take the next step and explore just how RecruiterBuddy will cause your success!

Are you sitting on the sidelines allowing your destiny to be dictated by others? Are you at the effect of your life or are you causing yourself to be who you want to be? This is not a dress rehearsal, and you have only one shot to make things happen. What are you doing about it?

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