The Diploma Mill That Finance a Murdering Spree

Many are aware of diploma mills. Diploma mills are nefarious services that either issue forged diplomas from legitimate universities or have bogus online unaccredited colleges that sell your a diploma earned for "life experience.   For a certain fee you can get a Bachelor's Degree.  A few bucks more and you can get a Master's or Doctorate.

It's a scam.  As Corra Group, a background checking agency, we uncover bogus degrees issued from diploma mills with relative frequency.  Some are well conceived and almost look legitimate.  Others are pretty funky. Many of the Diploma Mills whose sites permeate he Internet adopt the names of Universities and Colleges that approximate the names of esteemed and accredited universities.  The name of the school almost sounds right, sounds like you have heard it before.  It's like looking at the trademark on a counterfeit handbag or watch, or pair of jeans, and thinking it looks like the real one.  Only it's not.  Far from it.

So who has been working the diploma scam?  Why none other than Anders Behring Breivik, the right wing Norwegian nut job who used the money to finance his bomb attack on a government building in Oslo and who later shot up all those people on the nearby island of Utoya.     In all, Breivik earned over $1 million dollars by pumping out bogus diplomas.  It's hard to  imagine, but out in this world slippery and desperate employment candidates are trying to pass off to recruiters and human resources personnel  diplomas from fake universities that Breivik created.

According to an article in the University World News..."A young data expert who did not give his full name confirmed in an interview with the Norwegian newspaper VG that he had assisted Breivik in this undertaking during 2004-05, from his home in Asia, and that he was paid promptly for his work. He said he made up to 200 false documents a month for Breivik, VGreported."

It has been remarked that this sick person went to elaborate and time consuming lengths to plan his operations of mayhem and murder.   All funded by money from unethical characters trying to pass themselves off as someone with a college degree.

So, I guess, we can say there are diploma mills,  that service the incredibly lazy.  And then there are diplomas mills that have funded one of the worst crimes in the decade.  And that's saying something, these days.

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