The End of a Good Thing or the Beginning of Something Big

Someone just told me he is busy, cause there are fewer people to do the job. Unfortunately, this individual had to lay some people off in the past few months.

He sounded down.

I told him it is all about attitude. He can either be high or low and it is hard to be high if everyone around him is low. Yet, it is hard to be low if he is so busy he doesn’t have time to dwell on it.

You would think, If you had the chance you would keep your attitude high, cause it makes you feel good. And, it makes others feel good, another reason why it is a good pick.

Yet at times we tumble into the lows.

I was feeling low about my career as a Recruiter until I talked to a friend of mine. He told me to snap out of it and "start working your ass off."

This made me wake up. And I said to myself, get busy and give it your all. If you give it your all it usually turns out for the best. And, if it doesn’t, you won’t be tearing yourself up over it cause you did the best you could.

Usually, when you feel low you're not working hard or you're not working smart.

This is the way we all need to deal with this unnerving economy. It is up and it is down. But we will still have an economy. It’s just sometimes it is better than others. That is all. So if it is not as good as it has been for you, make it better. You make it better one day at a time. You go back to the basics and do what you know works best.

That is enough.

Get busy, get happy, and turn things around. If we all do this one day at a time we will look back on these days as the beginning of the next best thing.

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Comment by Pamela Bovaird on April 18, 2009 at 8:37pm
Thank you, Maren. I appreciate the comment. Do you want to follow me on twitter?


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