The Importance of Matching your CV to your LinkedIn Profile

As an ex-recruiter, hiring Manager and now someone who writes professional profiles for a living I have been regularly frustrated with people’s inability to get this right!

The importance of your LinkedIn profile has and continues to grow when it comes to not only networking but also with finding a new role. However, people seem to forget to link it properly to their CV’s.

When applying for a new role, a hiring manager (or recruiter) will firstly look at your CV and then have a nosey at your LinkedIn profile. They will be seeing what you look like; who you are connected to that you might have in common, and what people who have written you recommendations have to say, so if it doesn’t match your CV with the basics it doesn’t leave a good impression because it suggests either you have a lack in attention to detail or simply that you are a bit sketchy and might be hiding something, (neither of which will give a good impression).

NB. Don’t forget that a simple off the record phone call to a company listed on your CV that’s not on your LI profile (or Vice Versa) can be the difference between you getting or not getting a job offer. As I said the call will be unofficial but if you have a company missing it will stick out like a sore thumb and have a recruiter or hiring manager questioning the absence.

So based on that I have compiled a list to help you in avoiding making common mistakes:

  1. Ensure your LI summary is similar to your CV profile.
  • It can have a bit more detail about your career journey but is basically a blurb on your professional career to date so make it good.
  1. Make sure your dates match.
  • A mismatch in employment dates between your CV and LI page is the most common error I see. This is basic attention to detail so make sure they match!
  1. Employment Company History.
  • Again when people get the dates wrong it then often leads to inaccuracy with the companies they have worked for (or those companies are simply missed out). It goes without saying that these need to match.
  1. Job Titles.
  • If your CV says you were a Manager then so should your LI profile. Often people try to make themselves seem more senior on the LI profiles but again if it doesn’t match it leads to confusion so decide what you are and make sure they say the same on both.

I hope this helps, but please feel free to get in touch with any questions (

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