The Competition Principle is a formal title I gave to what I believe to be a fundamental truth. The Competition Principle simply states, “There are others more qualified or talented than you who want what you want.” To make this principle specific to jobseekers I have defined the tenet as the Jobseeker Competition Principle. The Jobseeker Competition Principle states: “There are others more qualified or talented than you who want the same job you want.”

The Competition Principle is the reason why you are not a professional athlete, an astronaut, a famous actress, or the President of the United States. The Competition Principle is why you are not the CEO of a Fortune 500 firm, a supermodel, or an Olympic gold medalist. The Competition Principle is also to blame for you not getting the jobs you have recently applied for as well.

The Competition Principle applies to every jobseeker and to every job. The Jobseeker Competition Principle is always present. But it can be momentarily paused. This is how people who are not the most qualified or the most talented get jobs. It is also how many jobseekers find jobs but can’t keep a job forever. By getting the job you pause the principle until you lose it.

Fortunately, there are ways to navigate around the Jobseeker Competition Principle. Notice the principle doesn’t state the most qualified and talented will always get the job you want. It doesn’t state your competition wants it more than you or knows how to get the job more than you. The principle isn’t the end of your dreams. It is merely an obstacle that you must overcome.

If we recognize and internalize the Competition Principle then we can use it’s foundational truths to our advantage. This is power. By understanding this principle we know to be true, we gain a decisive advantage over those who either do not know the principle or do not know how to overcome it.

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