The more I do my job the more I like it

I've previously expressed my views on the role corporate recruiters need to play in delivering a good message on behalf of the company, so it should come as no surprise that I put a lot of effort into making sure any candidate I recruit is really pumped up about coming to work here.

I generally let the candidate take a lead role here, directing me on the tour of my company to the various points of interest he or she has to avoid information overload, or simply taking up time discussing items they are already well informed of. While there are some items I make sure to mention to every candidate (even if it is a very brief refresher), this allows me to tailor the rest of the conversation so that the candidate stays interested and engaged. In doing this I have realized two major benefits.

1. The candidate gets specific information he or she needs without feeling as though I am delivering a stock sales pitch about why my company is so great.
2. I am constantly being reinvigorated about my company, why I like working here, and why I enjoy my job.

To the first point, I place a high degree of importance on a personalized experience for each candidate. I think there is very little purpose to creating a general introduction that is presented to all applicants. Clearly there is some information that will be important to provide to all prospective employees, but this should be minimal, otherwise the enthusiasm for the delivery will wane as will the interest level of the candidate. Conversely, adapting which areas are given more attention on the fly serves a couple of purposes. The candidate knows you are paying attention to their needs, wants, and desires, and are willing to put in the effort to work closely and personally with them. In addition, it proves that you truly know what you are talking about and serves to increase your credibility. Just about anybody can read a company info sheet with some highlights, but having the ability to quickly change directions and alter your presentation on the fly comes with knowing your organization (or customer for that matter) very well.

Now, what's in it for me? Aside from having a candidate who just got a great, personalized overview of the company which increased his/her enthusiasm exponentially, it should be a reminder of just how great your company is to work for. I am self-aware enough to realize that for better or worse a great deal of my enthusiasm is rooted in my sincerity. The more I believe in something the more excited I get and the easier it is to portray that level of excitement. Each time I talk with a candidate about the things my company has to offer, it reminds me of many of the reasons why I took the job I now have. It may seem a little hokey, but it is the truth. Each time I talk with a candidate about why he or she should want to work here, I find myself invigorated, energized, and excited to be where I am.

To an extent I can liken this to the fact that despite my mood if I smile long enough eventually I start to feel happy. In this case I think there is a little more to it, though. I enjoy getting other people excited about something I've found to be good, I truly believe in what I am doing, and I have a whole lot of fun doing it.

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Comment by Christopher McCann on April 14, 2009 at 4:51pm
Excellent comments Gino. Whether third party, Corporate or hiring manager, you MUST be able to sell the opportunity. That is the only consistent way to attract the best talent, not just the best available talent.


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