The Power of Proactive Search (Part 1)

"Seize the day!"

"Grab the bull by the horns!" 

"The early bird gets the worm!"

No, I haven't called in your high school gym teacher to write a guest post, but those pep rally staples do neatly encapsulate the main thrust of today's post; the importance of being proactive. This is a lesson for job searchers and hiring managers, and we'll look at specifically how it applies to both, but it really boils down being active rather than passive.

The lessons you learned in elementary school are surprisingly relevant. 

For companies this means more than creating a 'Careers' section on your website, sticking a few postings there and waiting for results. (The same applies to job boards, though they are a little more active than the website method.) This feels like an active step, but ultimately you're letting your audience define your results. You probably have an ideal candidate in mind, but writing a wish list and posting it on the Internet doesn't mean they'll find you.

Instead, once you've got that job posting, use LinkedIN and other social media channels to find the people you want to hire and make sure they see that posting. Invite feedback on what people like and don't like about how the job looks, then refine it. Offer a referral bonus, to compel your employees to work their networks.

There's also a lot to be said for tapping into existing external networks. Every industry has organizations and associations that cater to it's members, which makes it easy to identify the people in that industry. Granted, poaching talent at the monthly meeting isn't going to endear you to your peers, but associations often have their own publications and job boards. At the very least you can put the out the word about your opportunity and hear the juicy gossip about who's looking for a change.

The best thing about these steps is that they're low-risk, low-investment steps that can pay big dividends in the long run. Of course, no matter how proactive you are, there will always be searches that require some extra expertise. When those moments arise, getting help from an expert is the most proactive step you can take.

-Cody P.

To see how these principles of Proactive Search can benefit the candidates as much as companies check out Part 2 of The Power of Proactive Search. To stay in touch with Martyn Bassett Associates and get notifications about everything for job postings to new blog entries, follow us on Twitter or connect with us on LinkedIN. You can also learn more about us at on our website.

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