The REKRUTR Vault: The Making of a Star Recruiter

Recruiting can be a very misunderstood job and finding a true "star" in this industry is not easy. So how do you make a star recruiter?

Is it in the training? Uh-uh. Despite the claims of very successful professional recruiting trainers, I don't think that is it. It might increase the probability, but I've seen plenty of recruiters receive training from the best the industry has to offer and still fail. They just didn't have "it".  They have the degree. They are aggressive and like a competitive environment. They are motivated by the potential of making a lot of money. They have excellent verbal and written skills. They can even make a hundred calls in a day without blinking an eye.

So what is the "it" factor that they still lack that keeps them from becoming a recruiting star?

A very wise leader in the recruiting industry, I'll call him Bill, once told me, "What we look for in a recruiter is intangible, Amy. It is like finding a professional athlete. Skills are important, but what makes a star is in their soul. It's their passion for what they do."  The longer I work in this industry, the more I realize how right he was. The "it" factor is HEART people! A recruiter must have HEART! The basic skills are important, but in the end, a star in the recruitment industry is motivated by helping people.

For the clients they serve, recruiters relieve the pain the employer is experiencing while the position is vacant. They reduce overtime costs. They help that supervisor be able to make it to his kid's ball games again. They reduce turn-over by finding the best candidate the first time.

For their candidates, a recruiter is a healer as well. They take a job they are content with and replace it with their dream job. The pain they do experience in their current role is replaced with the next career step, or more money, or less travel, or more flexibility, or a new challenge.  Sometimes they help with all of the above! This impacts the life of the candidate's family as well! Face it; recruiters can be some serious change agents.

Now don't get me wrong. These stars like to make money. They like it a lot. They can usually think of no better way to feel good about supporting the lifestyle they have always dreamed of, than by helping people. At the end of the day, they are motivated for what recruiting is all about and the financial is just the bonus that comes with it.

So if you are looking for ways to take your recruiting teams to the next level; if you are trying to make "stars" in the industry, consider reminding your team of what recruiters really do. They change lives! Recruiters are problem solvers and change agents! The ones that get “it” will be your stars.

Do you have a feel-good story to share about being a life changer as a recruiter? I think we all have at least one candidate or client that has told us how much we have impacted their life. Sound off in the comments. I would love to hear your experiences.

Amy McDonald is the President and CEO at REKRUTR. She has been working in the human resources and recruiting industry for over 20 years. Amy has worked with hundreds of recruitment professionals throughout her career, training best practices in sourcing candidates and refining the recruitment process. In her spare time, Amy participates as a thought leader in Recruiting for BIZCATALYST360° 


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