There is more to Working in Fashion than Most People Think

If you are bored with your current career you could do a lot worse than look at getting involved in fashion. The fashion industry is an interesting one which is always changing and evolving. This means that there is always plenty to interest creative and flexible jobseekers.

Some Interesting Back Room Jobs

Most people assume that the vast majority of fashion jobs are retail related. To some extent this is true; however, the process of getting the garments designed, made and distributed to the retailers involves an awful lot of people as well.

Therefore, a significant percentage of the jobs available within the fashion industry are not directly related to retail at all. There are lots and lots of very interesting backroom or head office jobs. These include designers, procurement, manufacturing and distribution. All of which are quite interesting.

Importantly, many of these roles pay a high wage and there is plenty of scope for advancement. This means that you can have a very fruitful and interesting career simply by choosing to work within the fashion industry. As an example, a pattern cutter can easily earn £25,000 per annum. This compares well with shop work, which typically only pays around about £15-£18,000 per annum. Junior buyers start on a wage of around £18,000, but as they progress through the ranks they can easily reach pay rates of over £35,000 per annum.

Use Your Current Skill Set to Find Work in Fashion

Even if you have never worked in fashion before some of the skills you already possess may allow you to apply for some of these very lucrative positions. For example, if you have previously worked in logistics and distribution there are definitely roles available for you within the fashion industry.

Crossing over from your current industry into fashion can be a very interesting journey, which will broaden your view of the world make you more interesting to prospective employers. People who work in the fashion industry have a reputation for being innovative, and very hard-working. Therefore, having a fashion role on your CV can be very beneficial.

Where to Find the Best Jobs

There are always lots fashion jobs available. Naturally, the majority of them are retail related. However, if you sign up to specialist job boards you can easily find the more interesting roles. By far the best way to find work is to visit the website. There you will find details of literally thousands of different fashion related jobs.

Using the site’s searchfacility, it is easy to narrow down your options to those that you are most interested in. For some roles, you will have to be prepared to travel, sometimes internationally. However, the search facility will allow you to find roles that are available within travelling distance of your home.

Before applying for jobs it is wise to familiarise yourself with the requirements of that sort of role. You can do this by searching and reading up about fashion on the internet. There are some very good blogs out there some of which are written by people who already work within the industry. This can give you some much needed insight, which will help you at the interview stage.

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