Things to Consider While Hiring Security Manpower Services

Security manpower services are an important and critical part of employee services required in many industries. Many industries require security checks, baggage checks, checking of materials and labor entering and exiting the facility and ID checks on clients, customers or guests entering the premises. They also need to comply with security policies in accordance with the organization. Some of these industries can include hospitality industries, housing communities, banks and other big companies like those in the IT sector that require constant security surveillance. Organizations like 'Black Dragon Security' are greatly beneficial to these industries and offer either armed or unarmed, trained and quality security manpower services to safeguard the premises.

Factors to take into consideration when hiring security manpower services

The type of security enforcements that are needed vary depending on the type of industry that is hiring. The type of security manpower services needed for the hospitality industry can be very different from that needed by big corporations or for personal security needs.  

Hospitality/hotel security

After the 26/11 bombing of the hotel Taj Mahal Palace & Tower in 2008, security measures in hotels across India were increased significantly and these security measures are still very prevalent. No vehicles are allowed inside hotels without thorough checks by security personnel including the use of sniffer dogs. All hotels now need to ensure that the security company trains their manpower on monitoring  all employees, contractors and guests who enter the hotel premises and also make sure they are proficient with baggage checks and identification checks, all while maintaining professionalism and without disturbing the guests. Black Dragon Security also trains their staff to functions as lobby area executives, who are the hotel concierge for all purposes. Valet drivers and doormen are also provided.  

Industrial Security

Industries like IT and factory facilities that hire security manpower services mainly need to consider the efficient monitoring of labor and materials. The officers need to be well trained in reading body language as well signs of nervousness or stress while at the same time guarding the premises and performing thorough and stringent checks on all labor and materials that exit or enter the facility. This helps management in fulfilling their goals and also helps in eliminating thefts, corruption, integrity issues and any other deviant behavior.

Personal Security

Personal security is something a lot of people need especially those that travel with large amounts of money, have a lot of enemies, or have received threats in the past. Celebrities often need to be protected from over-zealous fans or media. Politicians and other high ranking government officials require constant surveillance to safeguard them in the circumstance that they are targets to opposing or rival parties. Millionaires and big businessmen have the need to hire security manpower services to protect themselves from eager heirs and rival companies. The VIPs who enlist security manpower services need to be ensured that the officers are trained in personal security and in maintaining a stringent code of confidentiality.

Black Dragon Security provides both armed and unarmed personal security manpower services.

Security Guards

When hiring these services it needs to be ensured that the security personnel are professional and police verified. Organizations like Black Dragon Security provide both armed and unarmed security manpower services who are police verified to safeguard homes and businesses. Police verification checks on the manpower are vital as these services include bringing the manpower into home and family spaces especially when they are for residential and housing communities.

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