Three Decidedly Un-Christmaslike Observations

There are times in your life when you have a dawning of realization, a flash of insight - as though a veil of ignorance is parted and you see the naked truth for what it is. Sometimes these little nuggets of meaningfulness will impact you for the rest of your life. Other times, they are simple life truths that you will incorporate into your knowledge bank and draw on these items almost daily as you negotiate the twisty turny phenomenon that we call living. And then there are the moments of enlightenment that are honest and truthful and add absolutely nothing to your life whatsoever and that does not detract from the utter purity of the revelation.

Observation #1: A foolproof way to know when a delivery man or pick-up person is going to arrive at your location is to leave that location for one or two or five minutes. At that EXACT time, almost as though conjured up by magic, the delivery man or pick-up person will knock upon your door and, finding you absent, will leave a nasty note along with a "the next delivery time/pick-up appointment is two weeks from now at 11:35 p.m." note for you. Excellent.

Truth #2: People can really be stupid. Now, this truth is one of those that is absolutely insightful and true, but also disturbing at the same time. When I was out of my office for that brief five minutes mentioned above getting lunch at Chipotle that is one block away from my office (, I was walking quickly to the restaurant's exit door with my luscious fajita burrito and I noticed a family of about six people sitting at a table. They were chatting to each other, eating, and watching their 3 year old child/grandson put the long plastic cord from the shutters around his neck and swing from it. YES - the window blind cords that can cause tragedy and heartbreak for families, that type of window cord. He had the cord wrapped around his neck and was leaning his weight down on the cord. While his family watched. Not saying anything to him. No reprimands, no diversion tactics, no removal of the cord or placing it where he couldn't reach it. Nothing. And it drove home the point to me that, Yes, Nancy, There Really Are Stupid People In The World.

Observation #2: The modem and router at your office will work absolutely flawlessly until that one day when it causes great difficulty to reach said modem / router in order to reset them. You can VPN from home all you want without any issues UNTIL there is no one available close to the office to reset the modem and you are iced in and a 20 minute drive from the office. And your bosses are out of town at a crucial corporate planning meeting and must have access to the computer via the now non-functioning VPN connection. And you have candidates interviewing the next day that you absolutely must speak with in order to be sure that they are all prepped and ready to go. Then and only then will the router and modem need to be manually reset.

Any Observations or Truths that anybody else has learned recently? I'd love to hear 'em...

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