Have you ever heard that people got fired for in effective communic... Or a sales executive was fired for his incapability to express in a business meeting? Or a professor was fired because he wasn’t able to deliver the exact content to his students? A student who is intelligent failed in his examination because of lack of ability to express the contents or his thoughts on the sheet of paper? By this we can understand that communication skills play an integral role in our day to day life. Communication is nothing but an activity of conveying information through exchange of thoughts, messages or information by speech, visuals, signals or behavior. In fact it can be termed as a meaningful exchange of information between two or more than two or a group of people. Everyone needs to be expressive to build a relationship with people around, let it be with friends, family or at office.
With the growing competition around it is pretty hard to stay in the game, if we aren’t good at communication. Especially in the world of business, to keep the sales up, understand the crowd, their needs and demands, interaction is required and it requires communication too. If the organization is a global one it has to interact with people and clients from all over the world. The reputation of both the company and the individual will be at stake in this point of view. Communication helps in equipping an individual with an ability to convey their thoughts in a better way. It is important for each of us to understand what effects communication has and how one can improve it. It affects the productivity rate of both the organization and the individual as well. It helps to maintain an efficient and positive relationship with everyone around, be it the boss, clients or your colleagues as well. If you don’t communicate well, it may even lead to misconceptions or misunderstandings as well. This is where we see the need of training of skills. Most of the organizations shell a lot of money over their employees for training and developing their skills.
Communicating with all sorts of people who are connected to us socially or professionally impacts our bonding with them. So, effective communication is required when we talk to them. For Example – how do we communicate with colleagues superior or sub ordinate, friends, children, clients, customers etc, etc can be taken into account. Apart from being good at expressing, one needs to be a good listener as well. One can express their views effectively only when they are good listeners. When one surpasses this level one should be able to break the ice, identify barriers and avoid them for better attributes. Improve your communication in every aspect of interaction, through emails, telephonic conversation, video conferencing etc. when you come to an end with all these stages you can see that you have already built a rapport with other people around, check where you are committing mistakes when conversing with a group or an individual. You can easily get more details about it if you visit ReKruiTIn website.

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