To be an ‘entrepreneur’ or ‘self-employed’ (and does it matter)?

It’s the common problem when people confuse 2 concepts. Telling the truth entrepreneur is a little bit different from a person, who is self-employed. They may share a similar feature because both own a business, but except this, they are moving in completely different ways.

Self-Employed is the person, who is working for himself as a freelancer or own a business and is considered to be an employer.

An entrepreneur is a person who has organized and himself is operating the business and takes more than simple financial risks for doing that.

A big number of business owners can be considered as self-employed. They start with some skills and find it possible earning money due to it. It’s the place, where the course of the crash in business starts. With time, one should spend endless hours on various licenses and insurance issues in order to maintain their own business.


  • Creative;

  • Flexible;

  • Self-confident;

  • Passionate.


  • Aim-oriented;

  • Communicative;

  • Easy-going;

  • Hard-working;

  • Conscious.


If you want to be successful, you should have a number of traits, which will help you developing in the business world.  You should be open to everything new and be not afraid taking risks. The following traits will help you becoming a businessman as soon as possible.

  • Disciplined: you should be always focused on what you are doing in order making your business successful and blossoming. You may even use plagiarism checker online to see the quality of your ideas and projects.

  • Confidence: you should be enough confident to make your own decisions. You should understand whether they are able getting success and bringing you money. You must be responsible for everything going on in your company.

  • Open-minded: the most successful people are all open-minded. They consider every chance as a possible opportunity to get success. These personalities are full of generated ideas and perspectives.

  • Competitive: rivalry is an important thing while making business. You are not the only businessman on the market, so be ready struggling for the place under the sun. You should pretty clear understand that you and your workers are able doing this or that task better than others.

  • Creative: you should be really creative while making the business.Try making up unique and peculiar ideas and solutions during the work process.  

  • Determined: determination is one of the key things of getting great success in the modern world.The defeat should be considered by you as a lesson and chance of improving something.  You shouldn’t give up, but try to succeed again and again, no matter what obstacles you have on the way.

  • Passion: all the biasness men would tell you that money is not the most important if you want to build the solid business. You should be passionate about what you are doing. You should love what you are doing and have the greatest goal, connected with this occupation.

  • Go beyond comfort zone: if you got accustomed to comfort, you are wouldn’t achieve anything in business. You should know how to step out of it because would face with various odd and new situations. There would be even moments, where you should check a document for plagiarism by yourself.

  • Act but not a dream: looking around you’ll see a lot of people, who are so passionate about what they are talking, but when it comes to deeds, they can’t make heads or tails out of it. Pay attention to what you are saying and always do this.


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