Top 10 Reasons Mothers Make the Best Recruiters

As a belated mother's day gift to the mothers on the board...

Top 10 Reasons Mothers Make the Best Recruiters:

10. We’ve been lied to by enough men and children to know exactly what a lie looks like before it even gets out of a hiring manager or candidate’s mouth.

9. We’ve spent most of our lives surrounded by whiners so we are able to tune out anything annoying.

8. The meanest hiring managers/executives/company owners are not intimidating to a woman who has squeezed a child from her loins. We brought you here, we can take you out.

7. Negotiate a contract? There isn’t a mother alive who hasn’t negotiated an electric bill while cooking dinner, ironing her husband’s shirt, writing an e-mail, signing for a package, and convincing one or more children to not kill themselves or others.

6. We can make anyone believe anything. Don’t believe me? Does: “Oh baby, that’s so good, you’re so big, oh baby” sound familiar to you?

5. Budgeting time is not a problem. Budget is a mother’s middle name. We budget time with the husband, we budget time with the kids, the groceries are on a budget, entertainment is on a budget, shoes (sigh) are on a budget, clothing is on a budget, we budget time to the meter man, cable guy, plumber, and mechanic. Family and friends are on a budget, time walking the dog is on a budget, exercising is on a budget, “mommy time” is on a budget. Hell, the budgets are on a budget. Give us a number and we’ll give it back.

4. No amount of ball-busting will ever bring us down. Nobody can bust-balls like a mother and ours call us at least once a week to remind of us of our short-comings.

3. Recession? Haven’t bought new shoes in 2 years or a shirt costing over $20 since before we had kids. What recession?

2. Our husbands would have been rich if they hadn’t married us. We’re pretty sure we can talk that exec down $10k/yr in salary request.

The number one reason mother’s make the best recruiters:

1. Never underestimate a woman with mouths to feed.

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Comment by seattlerecroot on May 23, 2009 at 3:45am
Just read this and am laughing out loud! Good read! Hey, I would love to publish this on my own blog (crediting you of course) - lmk.


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