TOP 10 Tips When Working with a Recruiter

When working with a Recruiter it is always a good idea to follow these simples tips to ensure that everyone gets the best out of the situation. 1) Take time to know the Recruiter before meeting with them. Make sure they handle the type of opportunities you are looking for, whether it be temporary or permanent. Also make sure they handle the discipline you need such as; Accounting, Finance, IT, Sales, Medical, etc.
2) Fees are almost always paid by the employer and not the job seeker. Make sure to thoroughly read anything that a Recruiter may ask you to sign.
3) Prepare for your interview with the Recruiter as you would for any other interview.
a. Arrive 15 minutes early.
b. Dress professionally.
c. Bring extra copies of your resume (all versions).
d. Do research on the recruiting company.
e. Completely fill out all applications provided.
f. Leave all preconceived notions and attitudes about Recruiters at home.
g. Mail a thank you note after the interview. This will make you standout over all the other applicants that do not do this simple task.
4) Maintain control over the process.
a. Request that a Recruiter does not 'blast' your resume. This can make you look desperate. You want to know to whom and when your resume is going out.
b. Make sure your resume does not go to the same source from one or more recruiters. If a client receives a resume from two different Recruiters he may not choose to look at it due to potential conflict on who would get the commission.
c. Ask the Recruiter how often you should follow up with them. New opportunities develop on a regular basis and you need to stay in constant contact with the Recruiter.
d. If you feel that you are not getting the service that you need seek out another Recruiter. Each Recruiter has a different list of clients and has a different list of opportunities. Limit yourself to 2 or 3 Recruiters. If you talk to too many Recruiters there is potential for overlap with the same positions.
5) When responding to questions make sure to give complete answers, 'sell' yourself and engage the Recruiter. Share all relevant information about your skills, capabilities and limitations. The more information that you provide about yourself, and past job responsibilities, the more the Recruiter will remember and can match you to different opportunities.
6) Never speak poorly about past/current employers or other Recruiters. Think through your answers and always look for the positive in any difficult situation.
7) Make sure that your Recruiter preps you before going out on an interview. Get information about who you will be meeting with, their position, the time and location of the interview, details of the position you are interviewing for and any insight into what makes a successful candidate. If the Recruiter does not do this then you definitely need to find a new one.
8) Follow up with your Recruiter after each interview they send you on. This will allow you to give your thoughts about the position to the Recruiter and the Recruiter can give you feedback from the potential employer. Use this information to better prepare for future interviews.
9) Try not to discuss salary with a potential employer-leave this to the Recruiter. If an offer is made during an interview, gladly acknowledge it and tell the potential employer you will need time to review the offer. By reviewing the offer with the Recruiter it gives you a greater opportunity to negotiate salary, benefits and start date.
10) Keep the Recruiter informed of any changes that occur in your job search. You never know when you might need them again in the future.

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