Top 5 Interview Questions – Know how to answer them!

Top 5 Interview Questions – Know how to answer them!


Many people walk into an interview with a copy of their resume, cover letter and a few examples of their most recent work. However, as interviewees focus on their job timeline, the correct form of attire and keeping their paperwork organized-- one key factor can slip their mind. Preparing for the unexpected inquiry!

Review these top 5 questions commonly asked by interviewers and develop your dialogue before the interview starts.


1)    What has been your greatest failure in your career, thus far?

 This question is meant to catch you off guard. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes, but explaining your faults to someone that you’re trying to impress can be intimidating. Take a breath. Smile. Tell your story. As cliché as it sounds, honesty is the best policy. Make sure you elaborate on what you learned from making the mistake and how it made you a better worker.


2)     Have you ever had a conflict at the workplace? How did you deal with issues concerning other co-workers?

 Work environments can provide an atmosphere of fun and spark new thinking. Sometimes personalities clash and unexpected incidents cause tempers to flare. If you have never encountered a workplace conflict, you are lucky! This is an opportunity to show your new employer you can control a situation and resolve the issue without acting like a fool. The best answer is to state that you will try to minimize the impact of the tension by coming to an agreement with the individual. If the situation can’t be handled at that specific level, mention to the interviewer that management would asked to be involved in order to mediate the problem and delegate a fair solution.


3)     What is your minimum requirement for compensation? 

Payment. We all want that high number, but don’t want to seem all about the money. Here is a quick tip! Most jobs post the minimum annual salary for the position. Avoid using the lowest number because it would appear you question your own qualifications. Be confident in your abilities and tell them what you believe you deserve. Do your research and try to find what the average salary is for the company. A simple Bing or Google search should do the trick.


4)    Where are you looking to go in the future with your career? 

The answer to this question can provide several thoughts for the employer to analyze. For example replying with, “Own my own company,” lets the person know you don’t expect to remain at the company for a long period of time. Be sure to include that you want to learn all aspects of your job in order to enrich your knowledge and be able to move up through the company. This kind of answer depicts dedication and reflects a goal-setter mentality.


5)     What sources are you reading to keep relevant with your field? 

Calling recent grads and experienced employees! What are you reading? If you lack a list of places you visit via online, such as Mashable, CNN or another viable publication, you need to begin immediately. By remaining up-to-date in your field, you can be competitive in this struggling job market.

Remember to relax and be honest in the interview. To see recent job posting in Columbus, Ohio and New York, New York check out our page.



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