Top 5 Recruiting Jobs in 2017 Every Student Should Consider Studying

It is important to learn about employment opportunities, and career predictions in the field one is interested to pursue in a higher education at an institution of one choice. One should understand the areas that have many job openings across the world. Also, one should choose a career that handsomely pays for skills, educations, and efforts. The two hottest field that still has many job opportunities is the medical and tech industry. They are many positions one can apply in this areas. Some of the hottest jobs to consider in 2017 are as follows.


Computer system Analyst

If one is looking for tech work that is in high demand, then computer system analyst is an excellent position to contemplate. As a computer system analyst, one is responsible for learning what customers or other employees' needs are. One will need to design a good plan and bring that idea into practice. Some computer analysts work as contractors in many projects in both large and small companies. Over 118 000 people are working in this field. Many research shows that unemployment rate is three percent. The average salary for computer system analyst per year is $85 800.


Mobile developer

Many apps are available in the market right now; this does not mean that they are no new apps to be developed or rather revamping the old ones. A mobile developer is in charge of creating new apps, maintaining and updating existing apps. They redesign apps to be more beneficial and functional. When new cell phones are introduced in the market, all other current apps need to be shifted. It means that mobile developer does not lack work to do every day. There are more than 2000 jobs openings which are available. With an annual salary of $85 000, this is likely to be an outstanding job to pursue in 2017.


Physical therapist

The physical therapy recruiter is higher than the previous years. For one to be employed in this field, one should pursue a Bachelor's degree. For one to land a job immediately after graduation, one should further the studies. With an increase in life expectancies in physical health, the need for more PTs is continuously growing. There are many compensation plans in this field. Those students who want to pursue PTs courses should keep in mind that it requires commitment and hard work. Educational requirements are the primary considerations. The student also should have scored well in all the courses.


Data scientist

Using and gathering data is a constructive work, this is the primary function of data scientists. Their job is scraping data for mining data purposes. They will analyze collected data through statistical analysis. They usually predict what will happen next in this field. These data that they collect is used for professional in the business field. The companies will use these data for product development decision and marketing purpose. There are over 4 000 jobs available in the market. The average salary of a data scientist is $110 00 per year.


Data engineer

This work is a hot job in a tech industry. The work of data engineer and data scientist may seem similar, but in the real sense, it is two different jobs. Data scientist use raw data to analyze information and data for professionals. Data engines build, design and manage infrastructure to be used for business purposes. This system is the tool that data scientist used to collect data. There are more than 2 800 jobs in the market. The average annual salary of a data engineer is $106 000.


Deciding the career to pursue is not usually an easy process to many people. The factors to consider are the job opening and the salary the job can offer. Apart from this factors, it is important to analyze each detail and proper planning before graduating from college. Also, it is important to consider the working environment and maximum hours. With excellent analysis and close reviews, one will end up finding a job that is more appealing.

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Comment by Benae Lambright on September 25, 2017 at 1:05pm

Thanks Garrett! This article is helpful for recruiters and current college students. Especially those still "figuring it out". I will share with others. 

Comment by Keith D. Halperin on September 25, 2017 at 1:32pm

1) It is unclear if these positions will have the same demand when they finish as they do now.(It's likely they will, but you can't be sure.)

2) What if they don't like these things?


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