Top 5 Recruiting Talent Acquisition Trends of 2016

 The Assemblage of efforts and judgment cannot establish if there is a defined toolset for hiring ideal talent in recruiting acquirement. Some belief it’s the necessity of the present tendency to fulfill the necessity of role. Besides simply hunting and throwing, studying and foreseeing individuals skills and their futuristic approach can become a cynosure of wining the right talent for your client.


Good Ethics no botchy job; invest in searching the talent right!

The opulent luxury of hardworking pays off, studying and some timely research on a potential’s employment background can reward staffing HR with a talisman Hiring spell. To attain Talent acquisition trends hiring firms have to ignore the escapades of candidates by exchange a few words with previous employers. Attaboy! You’ve done the job right.

Right talent is hard to find, increase the prospect of finding the correct talent. Don’t be a Friday cat, call and communicate with the candidates former employers, conduct timely interviews and discuss about their achievements & role in depth.

There is no cryptography for hiring talent right; recruiters should not lollygag and veg out on social media sites. Hiring managers should put the pedal to the metal when it comes to communicating with talent about their opinion on new roles. Recruiters should not keep the role information and responsibilities hush-hush to job seekers. There is no la-la land for recruiters for easy headhunting, exchanging information and ideas helps a lot in building confidence between job seekers and head hunters.

Futuristic approach, loaded with new Tech and trends.

Successful recruiting firms are adopting mobile friendly portals, cloud based software’s and top applicant tracking system that allows future set world to connect. RecruitBPM is one of them, its on demand recruitment software that offers cloud-based client relationship management (CRM) solutions for businesses in service-based industries. Advanced digital initiatives such as mobile friendly websites cuts down the distance and bridges the gap between new connected talents. Some recent study proves that more than 67% of populations in US utilize mobiles friendly web portals for finding talents and jobs, staying up to date with the mobile friendly sites can be beneficial. Electronic job listening are becoming more trendy. Hiring and talent hunting are becoming more prominent on external portals, third parties employment websites and LinkedIn.

The search trend has recently been upgraded by LinkedIn when it comes to complicated Boolean search. LinkedIn the future set portal for hiring talent has made it easy to search on a vast level with its new interface for extensive precise targeting talent. HM , head hunting executives are familiar with cold calling , classifieds, internet searches, and websites like indeed, monster which has been a great approach.

Using relevant and short TXT messages on cellular numbers can be a stitch in time, recruiters , staffing firms, head hunting firms should emphasize on regularly sending new job openings directly to the candidates so if they are occupied and they are restricted to the incoming calls they do not miss out on role updates.


Keeping the contact and constructing the relationship with more human touch

Everyone is so occupied in finding talent, posting jobs trying to fit in with their needs. Maintaining the relation with candidates can rejuvenate your future goals. Timely record should be crafted if the talent is under a contract for a specific time. Keeping a professional and advisory relation can be fruitful with your connections. Staying connect via emails, calls and reminders can build a great trust for future hiring so you know when to approach the talent when they would be looking for a newer role.


Don’t push to sell, boomerang returns become an advisor.

Mostly recruiter’s sound like cold callers when they initiate contact on the telephone and following the perfect selling script won’t help. Recruiting executives need to understand the necessity of growing for everyone and they need explaining of being with the right client and the possible benefits that comes along. Educate possible employees about the benefits for future roles, study deep their job roles and job titles before calling. Lead the conversation with explaining and seeking advice if the available slot can help them grow in the field. Don’t sell the role, give it to the right one!

Engage the HR, refurbish the aspirant Experience.

Recruiters are reputedly reviewing procedures to fit in the candidates for roles, and open positions. Every role should be emphasized with deep conversations with HR management. Each role should be examined and scheduled for the right candidate. HR should remain in continuous contact with the candidates for newer prospective and roles which would develop energy and motivation. HM, hiring managers should always discuss the roles in brief for precise approach when it comes to selecting an individual for the role.

 HM and recruiters should also sketch a plan for advertising on social media sites for new job openings as there are most active social platforms. Engaging with subscribers and users brings a great potential for referral as well on social sites.


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