Top 9 Tools to Use to Make Your Writing Look Perfect

  Everyone claims to know how to write but truth be told, very few individuals possess this skill and are capable of writing at the highest level. Even the self-proclaimed professional writers, they tend to sometimes struggle a lot when it comes to writing. As a skill, just like any other practice makes perfect. Writing on a regular basis can increase your level of proficiency and make you a better writer. Reading a lot can also help to improve your writing skills. Besides these options, there are also tools available both online and offline that can be used to improve your writing.

  Technology has made it possible for us to access the different writing tools and use them to our own advantage. In this piece, we are going to take a look at 9 of the top tools that can be used to make your writing perfect.

1)     Plagiarism Checker

  When writing content for your website or blog, plagiarism is a serious offence that needs to be taken avoided. You cannot afford to be creating content that is not original because Google considers it as an offence and you'll be penalized for the same. Unplag is a plagiarism detection tool that can help you check for the originality of your content. The
tool is very thorough at ensuring that your text is authentic. 

2)      Writefull

  Are you encountering difficulties when writing? Then perhaps you should consider Writefull, a very tiny tool that can help you become a better writer. The app works in such a way that it will provide you with valuable feedback on your writing simply by counter checking your content against databases of correct language. The best part about this tool is that it can be used on any writing tool ranging from MS Word to Gmail. All you have to do is to simply select the text that you wish to counter check, press the short key so as to activate a popover and select any of the five options provided.

3)      Paragraphs for Mac

  As a minimalist tool for Mac, paragraphs works in such a way that the tool gives you everything you need to create brilliant prose. You do not even have to stress yourself with memorizing confusing markup. This tool will provide you with quick context menu that will help you to format your work easily. Another interesting aspect about Paragraphs is that the tool gets rid of the conventional menus and widgets which are normally common in word processor.

4)      Reedsy

  Reedsy is a dream tool for every author out there. The tool gives authors an opportunity to meet and work with some of the best editors, designers and marketers in the industry with only one goal in mind; to make your writing better. The professionals are selectively picked meaning that you'll be working with only the top seeds in the publishing landscape. All you have to do is to create a free author profile and get to access all your networks all in one place.

5)      Hemingway

  Hemingway is an editor tool that was designed to specifically help writers make their writing bold  and clear. The tool works in such a way that it highlights in yellow long and complex sentences together with some of the most common errors for correction. When you see this, know that you need to shorten that particular sentence. On the other hand, if the highlighted sentence is in red, it is an indication that the sentence is too complicated for readers and needs to be edited.

6)      Ulysses III

  Regardless of whether you are a student, author or journalist, Ulysses III is your perfect writing tool. This powerful tool is available for both Mac and iPad and it allows you to focus every time you feel like you need to concentrate. The tool has the ability of helping you to keep your writings neatly in its intuitive library.

7)      Blogo

  Are looking for the easiest and fastest way to write your pieces, publish them and better yet manage your multiple blogs, then Blogo has the perfect solutions for you.  The tool allows you to add as many blogs as you want in one dashboard making it much easier to manage your blogs concurrently. In addition to this, the tool also allows you to easily edit your pictures, preview your posts while still writing and even allows you to write when you are offline.

8)      BlankPage

  With this tool you can rest assured that you'll stay motivated throughout your writing process. Once you have decided what to write, you need to create an outline for your story and write. Writing on a daily basis is considered to be your best bet to becoming and outstanding writer. Finish your first draft and edit the content. This tool provides you with a distraction free environment that is ideal for writing.

9)      Daily Page

  As mentioned above, writing on a daily basis can help a lot improve your writing. This tool gives you an opportunity to write on a daily basis hence increasing your chances of becoming a better writer. Every morning, the tool prompts you and gives you an entire day to write your response.   

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