Top Tweets of the #SourcingChat – Best Practices in Gender Diversity Hiring

There has been a lot of talk about Diversity Hiring with most of us as Talent Acquisitionists agreeing to the concept of Diversity Hiring. We’ve looked at all the possible aspects both positive and negative and have come to the conclusion that Diversity Hiring is great in all aspects talk about Growth of the company, retaining Talent so on and so forth.

Even in our latest annual event #TASCON16 we’ve covered this topic and have reached the same conclusion. But can this conclusion change when you bring the variable Gender in to perspective? Now that’s something to think about, fortunately we’ve gone one step ahead @SourcingAdda and decided to hold our monthly #SourcingChat on the topic, “Best Practices in Gender Diversity Hiring”. You’d be surprised at the responses we’ve received at least we were.  And we’re sure that you too are excited to learn which the Top Tweets of the #SourcingChat were so here they are…

Sourcing Adda@SourcingAdda

   Q.1 Does diversity hiring affect the workplace culture? #SourcingChat

Aditi Sharma@aditi_sha26

   A1: It increase the adaptability of an organisation, it helps us to get a variety of viewpoint.

   #sourcingchat …

Manish Pipalwa@pipalwa

   A1#diversity #Hiring Brings Diverse & Hidden Talents. Diverse Minds, Build Culture #SourcingChat

Sourcing Adda@SourcingAdda

   Q.2 What is the role of diversity hiring in business growth? #SourcingChat


   @GautamGhosh @Sarangbrahme Like #LGBT, Ethnicity, PwD ,Multi Gen #Diversity #SourcingChat

Adrenalin eSystems@adrenalinHRMS

   A2.It will help in extending company's market place reach & also promote company's brand in

   positive way #SourcingChat #adrenalinHRMS

Sourcing Adda@SourcingAdda

   Q.3 What are the various ways to improve diversity hiring practices in your

   organisation? #SourcingChat

Aditi Sharma@aditi_sha26

   A3: make #diversity as a part of ur company's brand image #Sourcingchat

Soniya Sharma@soniyasharmahr

   A3 To improve diversity in hiring, hire for skills, competency, experiences etc. & not on religion,

   gender or caste #SourcingChat

Sourcing Adda@SourcingAdda

   Q.4 How does your organization encourage in diversity hiring? #SourcingChat

Vikas Dua@vykasdua

   A4. @Wipro workplace diversity & inclusion r key focus areas. Top Mgmt driving with sr. leader

   in charge #SourcingChat @SourcingAdda

Sumeet Jindal@sumeetjindalin

   @SourcingAdda especially in manufacturing having locals and non-locals in the demographics

   is of essential need. It helps #sourcingchat

Sourcing Adda@SourcingAdda

   Q.5 As a recruiter, have you used any method/tool for sourcing diversity talent? #SourcingChat

Amit Patel@amitpatelHR

   A5. Partner with multicultural professional associations and student groups @SourcingAdda



   #SourcingChat 1)Create the right jobs & working conditions/environment 2)Have extensive

   conversations within Org #GenderSensitization

Well from these interesting responses we can conclude that even Gender Diversity Hiring can boost the growth of the Company and can affect the Culture as well. Apart for this we have even learnt so many different things that we can do to improve the success of the organisation we represent. How great is that?

In order to receive more interesting insights and perspectives it is very important for you to be part of these #SourcingChats if you aren’t already. So follow us to get real time updates to our upcoming activities so be sure to follow @SourcingADDA.

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