Top Tweets of the #SourcingChat - How to Attract More Applicants to your Job Opportunity?

We’ve spoken about online Employee and Employer Branding extensively and with everything getting digitalised, using Social Media to capture Talent and fill positions faster makes sense.

Having said that the real question is whether this can be done and if yes how should one go about gathering Talent, therefore @SourcingAdda we decided that the best way to get these doubts cleared is by asking Talent Acquisitionists. Hence we conducted our monthly #SourcingChat on the topic, “How to Attract More Applicants to your Job Opportunity?” And I bet you’re eager to find out what we discovered and more importantly what were the Top Tweets of the #SourcingChat so here they are…

          Q1. What are the different ways to attract candidates? #SourcingChat

          #sourcingchat: A1: Talk to them, Engage with them through Whatsapp, Twitter. Be a Spoc for

          them from your company, it will comfort them

          A1 Great LinkedIn Profile and Networking #SourcingChat

          Q2. What are the aspects to be avoided to get more candidates? #SourcingChat              

          @SourcingAdda A2: Convey d clear message of "Position closed" 2 al d candidates who have

          applied for the job and r waiting comm #sourcingchat

          A2. Avoid dealing wid d candidates casually, Avoid wasting time of d candidates during

          interviews, Avoid clumsy communication. #SourcingChat

          Q3. What role does branding play in attracting candidates? #SourcingChat

          A3: Your employees are your best brand ambassadors; make sure they’re

          selling you. #SourcingChat

          A3 #Branding creates awareness or the company and affects candidate’s decision

          making. #SourcingChat

          Q4. What are the challenges faced in catching the attention of candidates? #SourcingChat

          @SourcingAdda A4: Finding the balance between a detailed JD and an attractive one is

          challenging too #SourcingChat

          A4. To cut the run of mill job description @SourcingAdda #sourcingchat

          Q5. How to overcome these challenges and gain applicants? #SourcingChat

          tiptoers - passive pool would be 75% talent pool...Show them why your jobs are

          relevant #sourcingchat

          A5.Be honest, be specific and Make them understand about the role and also show them the

          road map of their future in ur org #sourcingchat

          Q6. Name some out of the box ideas that you have implemented to attract

          candidates? #SourcingChat

          @SourcingAdda #sourcingchat A6. Sponsored college event and had own sets of games for

          management students, case study competition for student

          A6.Funny subject lines & they respond #SourcingChat

          Q7. List out a few tools or channels that you have utilised to drive applicant traffic towards your

          opportunity/ties? #SourcingChat

           A7) LinkedIn has been of help to tap passive candidates @SourcingAdda #SourcingChat

          #Sourcingchat: Out of the box idea: Educate candidates about your org culture, Projects etc.

I’m sure you wanted more but don’t fret just yet you can catch up with the Storify instead. I hope this satisfies your thirst for knowledge. If not, then you can always follow us @SourcingAdda and join in by registering for our grand event i.e. #TASCON16 and gain real time updates to our upcoming activities.

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