One word, Five letters, Able to do a lot of good or create a lot of damage. Something usually given too early and withdrawn too late.It’s hard to give at first, and real scary to receive. My question today: When do you know the time is right to “use” Trust ? This is open-ended as it could pertain to people, to jobs, to life-situations; basically to anything or anyone you feel will help you accomplish your end-goal in life.

Sure I understand that we must have enough respect for ourselves that any decision we make in regards to other people or projects will at least be thought through before beginning, and we are not signing any “big-money” deals without checking with those closest to us. Who do we know “they” are, and how do we know “they” actually have our best interest at heart.

We have to realize that in life, everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE has an agenda, and guess what: Your thoughts, feelings, concerns or well-being aren’t necessarily at the top of their list. The sooner you realize that two letters are all that is important to the other party (the first letter is “M”…you guess the other), the sooner we can bring some clarity to our life. As a judge of character, by nature, We Suck! Too often do we move ahead before we know the destination, too soon do we trust when we don’t know the motivation and too soon do we care when all the information is not forth-coming.

Recently, I have had cause to pause and (metaphorically) bang my head against the wall (anyone who knows of me will see the irony) all in the hope of making sense out of, not one, but two (2) crummy situations, Neither of which were of my creation, other than I proceeded on a path that wasn’t “fully paved”. The moment the rough patch was hit, those I was counting on had left for greener pastures. C’est La Vie… or something like that. I will survive and be stronger with the knowledge that I have to get up each and every time I am knocked down, and take the bad with the good. Hopefully next time, I will have the sense to see the forest, and look through the undergrowth before proceeding…..Who am I kidding, I’ll just dive in head-first like I always do, and pay the price with a splitting headache when it is all over.

Those who know me, know I wouldn’t do anything different, I’m just that type of guy.

If you think you see yourself in the above piece, think long and think hard before you firmly commit to something that the other party has no real intention of following through on. This has nothing to do with Sales, or with Recruiting or Sourcing; just a life lesson and….

…Something to Think About

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