Turned Down? Tips to help you deal with Job Rejection

We have noticed that many people are becoming discouraged in their job search. I put together this blog with tips on how to deal the rejection. If you have any other tips/advice, please share them!


We have given tons of advice on resumes, interviewing, dress codes, etc…But what happens when you get everything right, you feel the job is in the bag, only to receive a phone call or email letting you know that the company went a different direction?

This situation can be disheartening, but it is something every job seeker will go through.  You can take comfort in knowing you are not alone. I feel that every negative can and should be turned into a positive. Here are four things to keep in mind when facing a rejection:

Try not to take it personally. I know it’s easier said than done, but it is the truth. In the end, business prevails and the company will hire whomever they feel is the best fit for the team, with qualifications to boot. Numerous factors play into the candidate selection process that can make a company go a different direction. Use this as a learning experience to make you even better as you get ready for more interviews. This leads me to my next point….

Instead of getting angry, ask for feedback! Feedback can be invaluable in your job search. Use it to arm yourself for your next interview. Knowledge is power and when you are in a market as tough as this one, you need to be at your best in order to excel.

Remember to be gracious. You may be upset with their decision, but you never know what the future holds. We have seen many clients ask about past candidates who were not a fit for one role, but are shoe-ins for a new position that has come up. You obviously made a great first impression if you made it to final rounds of interviewing, make sure you leave an equally fine last impression.

Keep in touch with those you met! – I’m not telling you to become a stalker! We now have the mighty LinkedIn, and what better way to keep in touch then through everyone’s favorite professional networking site.  Don’t be a nuisance, but do always try to keep the connection alive…See that the company made it into the news (for good reasons of course) or that the hiring manager that handled your interview received a promotion, then feel free to chime in.

Nobody likes rejection and it is never easy, but by keeping these four steps in mind – you may be able to turn a negative into a positive experience. As the lotto guy says, “Hey, you never know.”


~ Evie Amaro

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