In the battle of hiring the top talent, organizations are prepared to take an extra mile to revamp their talent acquisition strategies. Right now all business markets are excessively competitive. So having an upper hand over opponent organizations is the most important thing to stay up front. Here, you can only win the talent war by uncovering the top talent to stay ahead of the game.

But how do we uncover top talent?
The answer to this question is: Game-based Assessments

Organizations can now transform their HR recruitment processes by making pre-screening more fun and interactive for the candidates. A number of studies suggest that candidates prefer Game-based Assessments more than any other static tests. These assessments are driven by artificial intelligence that can propel the chances of your organization to hire the right talent because they are more fun and engaging.

How Gamification Can Uncover Top Talent

With game-based assessments, organizations can leverage gamification principles to fulfill their corporate hiring needs. By following these six steps, any organization can uncover top talent with gamified assessments.

  1. Predict Candidate Quality

What sets leading organizations apart from others is the capability to predict the future. And gamified assessments give you the upper-hand to predict the quality of candidates. When candidates are asked to take game-based assessments, they signify their potential to the employer. Here, employers can shortlist only the top talent and there will be no need of vetting thousands of profiles and calling a large number of candidates for interviews.

  1. Assess Cognitive Abilities

One of the top benefits of game-based assessments is that they are powered by Artificial Intelligence. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence, organizations can assess candidates for their cognitive abilities. In the conventional way of hiring, companies find it difficult to evaluate or benchmark candidates in terms of their cognitive abilities. In most cases, you may find candidates deceiving employers during the interview. But in game-based assessments, chances are high that candidates tend to participate exactly the way they are in person.


  1. Offer a Level Playing Field

Candidates often complain about the biases of employers. During an interview, there is a possibility that an HR professional might bring in his/her prejudices against any candidate. To combat this, organizations are embracing gamified assessments to eliminate or reduce biases from their recruitment processes. For candidates, assessments powered by gamification offer them a level playing field and they can be assessed without any bias involved.


  1. Improve Candidate Experience

All HR strategies revolve around attracting potential talent. So, the candidate experience becomes a part and parcel in every recruitment campaign. And by incorporating gamification principles, organizations can take candidate experience to a whole new level. Candidates, especially the Millennials can relate and find game-based simulations very interesting to be involved in. Hence, more and more companies are using game-based assessment to provide superior candidate experience.


  1. Provide Rich Candidate Insights

Since gamified assessments bring automation to the hiring process, it is crucial to have candidate insights to evaluate candidates. Companies like The Talent Games offer rich candidate insights that help organizations to shortlist candidates through our portal. Employers have their dedicated portal where candidate scores and insights can be viewed. In gamified recruitment, candidate insights can help you make an informed decision while uncovering the top talent.

  1. Reduce Time to Hire

Organizations no matter what size they belong to, find candidate hiring – a tedious thing. Today, no organization would like to practice old-school HR strategy of calling thousands of candidates. Using game-based assessments, organizations can quickly reduce time to hire potential candidates. Also the overall expense in hiring is reduced to a significant extent. Candidates with top scores are filtered automatically so that organizations don’t have to separate them from the low scoring candidates. And from the candidate perspective, candidates are not asked to visit or wait anywhere. Candidates can take their assessments according to their own convenience.


To ensure your organization uncovers top talent, it’s essential to use game-based assessments as outlined above. Companies need to be clear that assessments powered by gamification should be candidate-centric. After all the purpose of using this innovative strategy remains to measure candidates in an interactive way.

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