Unique Ways To Nurture A Positive Workplace Culture

7 Tips for Creating a Positive Workplace Culture | Inc.com

We're still living in the repercussions of the recent pandemic, and fortunately, many companies have supported and helped their employees to get through this adversity. However, there have also been instances where a few companies fired their employees because they couldn't take the financial burden any further.

Everybody was indeed in a survival mode, including the large corporations! But, the companies also must understand the atmosphere they've created amongst the ones working. Nobody likes uncertainty, especially when it comes to earnings. They might have saved a few bucks by cost-cutting the resources but, it left a massive dent in the workplace culture.

If you or your company is stuck in such an unfortunate situation, here are some tips to lift the employees' spirits.



Communication is the key to everything in the business world. When it's transparent and clear, people will feel more safe and valued. Keep the communication channels open both ways. That means it shouldn't flow from higher to lower but vice versa as well.

Begin this initiative by introducing it amongst your peers. Let the team be big or small - allow them to have a voice and opportunity to be heard. While you share it with your teammates across the office, ensure you have clear guidelines and goals set - so you don't have to go haywire when things go south.


Productivity apps

You'd be amazed to see how every employee's productivity inclines when offered the right tools and training. Many follow outdated ways of working and thus waste tons of time to get things done. There are multiple apps available for every section of every department.

Time tracking app called Toggl silently runs in the background to check how much time one spends on each task. Then there is a simple management tool called Process.st that takes care of a checklist for non-tech teams. GetEmail.io is a free email finder tool that finds the email contact of any professional from around the world.

Find the one that suits your team best and subscribe to it. It is a small investment one can make for a good return!


Celebrations and feedback

"Praise in public, criticize in person". It is a quote that every employee and employer should follow rigorously. Because you never know why an employee couldn't reach their target or how the topper managed to go above and beyond.

Praising in public gives a sense of confidence in an individual. And, offering feedback in person allows the employee to trust and confide in their employer. Hence, they become more loyal and honest towards their work. On the other hand, do not hesitate to take feedback from your peers as it advocates an opportunity for growth!


Final thoughts

An employee is vulnerable at their worst and most confident during their best. If the employer understands these nuances and manages them well, you create room for only a positive workspace! Be empathetic towards the employees and promote their emotional wellbeing to create a healthy environment.

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