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I am immersed in Social Media Examiner’s – – month long Facebook Success Summit 2010. Through a series of webinars appearing between 1-3 times a week throughout October, the Web’s best authorities on Facebook share their expertise on ‘how to build a fan base’, ‘how to market your products effectively’, etc. etc. etc. There is lots of what to include in an effective Facebook Fan (or Brand) Page and many, many examples of companies who are doing it right on Facebook. And, there is a great deal of compelling evidence, facts, and figures on why Facebook, with its unique functionality and over 500 MILLION users is the BIG KAHUNA that isn’t going to go away.

But, even at the Facebook Success Summit 2010, there isn’t a lot of discussion on using Facebook to recruit. (To be fair, the emphasis was stated as marketing using Facebook, so recruiting isn’t their emphasis.)

If the basic premise of a Facebook Fan Page is to

‘engage’ and ‘involve’ your fans thereby making them more loyal to your brand, isn’t listing what positions are available at your company with an easy to use way to apply the ultimate in engagement and involvement?

Isn’t having existing employees answer employment questions on your Facebook Fan Page wall, the ultimate in authentic engagement? Wouldn’t mini-blogs done by employees on what its like to work at your company on your Facebook Fan Page be authentic, social, and strengthen your brand?

More and more huge companies are now creating Jobs Tabs on their Facebook Fan Pages with wildly good results.

If you have a Facebook personal profile, or even if you don’t, you can check out the Facebook Fan Pages with Jobs Tabs or Work For Us tabs of such teeny tiny companies as:!/AmericanApparel

The above use applications which are customized for individual companies or use one of the originators of the Job Tab Work

for Us. –

The companies pay a very (very!) reasonable fee per month to the app developer depending on how many postings they require. Unlimited packages are available. If you don’t have a separate website strictly for the recruitment function (few retailers and hospitality companies do – but some like Home Depot or KFC do) or even a formalized career section on your website where visitors can apply online, then one of these apps is absolutely ideal!

A new made-in-Canada jobs tab application has been recently introduced. I love it that I can introduce this first and offer my viewers an early insight and a free utilization.

Syndicruit is a Facebook job app. With it, you can create a jobs tab and post jobs directly onto your Facebook Fan Page! This application was designed locally in British Columbia and is currently not available to the market at large. But, if you’d like to get a jump start on the market and use it now, you can find the application here

To install the app, simply click the “Add to my page” link in the left hand navigation and choose which Fan Page you’d like to add it to.


– let’s not forget this exciting and well regarded company.
This company is the current darling of the social media recruiting world. It’s an excellent standard ATS system with easy peasy social media links. Sort of like a Hootsuite for recruiting. (If the preceeding session made no sense to you, please call or email me).

Or, you can see how some companies are taking early steps to hiring through their Facebook Fan Pages by providing employment information and links through to the positions available.

Check out

Why the heck wouldn’t you also add recruiting to the list of things a Facebook Fan Page can do for you? Need a Facebook Fan Page developed for you? Or a session with useable demographics and statistics to justify a Facebook Fan Page? Or a webinar for your staff on how to maximize benefits by leveraging the 500 million users (its probably 550 million by now) on Facebook? As Blondie (Debbie Harry) used to say……………’Call me’.

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