Visualizing for Successful Hiring Thoughts from Patrick Thean

While it’s not necessarily scientific, the HireBetter Team has determined that there are two reasons why a new hire doesn’t work out: (1) You weren’t clear on what you needed someone to do OR (2) You failed to tell the new hire what they needed to do.

To explore this further I sought out Patrick Thean, a professional Coach and the author of Execute Without Drama – a book that we have greatly benefited from as an organization.

In Patrick’s experience, for a manager to get better at visualization within hiring as well as company leadership, they will find the most success in doing the following four things:

  1. Listen to what others have to say. Too often we are pushing people to listen to how we want them to do it. Instead, ask others "What does success look like? How would you view this journey? How will the person feel or look if they're doing well?”
  2. Explain the exact outcomes you want to see. Then assess the work environment that you've got and be honest with how much time you can spend as a manager coaching and advising them.
  3. Walk through a single successful day with your new employee. What are the things that they might do that would drive you nuts that would cause you to want to jump out your window by lunch?
  4. What does success look like? What are the few things that you see as the few activities that new person will be engaged in that would make them successful? What makes YOU
    successful during your day that they'll need to do?

For those of you who are old enough to have watched Michael Jordan in the 80's & 90's, you'll likely remember the stories of him visualizing every shot before he would take them. This exercise isn't nearly as hard as you think it is!

According to Patrick it’s unlikely you will be “spot on” during visualization. You're probably going to make mistakes. But if you can explain what a successful day looks like for a prospective employee and they don't like
what they are hearing, they're probably going to self-select out!

Patrick Thean is an award-winning serial entrepreneur who has started and exited multiple startups. He received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for North Carolina in 1996 and achieved a ranking of 151 on
the Inc 500 in 1997.

An international speaker and the author of Execute Without Drama, Patrick has spoken to thousands of business owners on the topics of sustaining business growth, venture capital, and strategic exit strategies. He provides practical insights on building a culture of execution.

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