The hiring process at any company is obviously extremely important. Yet it can also drain company resources if not implemented properly. Find out how to leverage your hiring process to work for you instead of against you.

1. Treat Candidates Like Royalty

When it comes through o hiring, it’s important to treat your candidates as though you’re wooing them. You want them to want to work for you. Even if the candidate isn’t a good fit, they might spread the word to their friends and colleagues about your company.

2. Analyze the Cost of Hiring Every Person

You want to ensure every person you hire is a good fit because you don’t want to waste money on the hiring process. Try to find out how much each candidate would cost the company who is not a good fit. Try to determine if you’re willing to risk that much money to hire this candidate.

3. Don’t Simply Recruit Full-Time Employees

It’s easy to want to recruit full-time employees. These employees are what many HR professionals think of as a “one and done” hire. They hire them and then don’t need to think about hiring someone else for that position for a long time. Yet not all positions need to be filled by full-time employees. You can save the company a lot of money by hiring a few freelancers too.

4. Hire Lifers

Don’t look for candidates who simply fill the needs you need filled in the short term. Hire people who want to stay with the company as long as possible. Every time you hire an employee, the company spend money for you to recruit that employee. The less you need to hire, the more the company will appreciate your recruitment efforts.

5. Attract Millennials with Cool Benefits

Millennials think differently than most other generations. They’re used to getting cool perks to encourage their performance. Yet millennials will work hard for your company. Try to create an office culture that promotes a fun office environment. Convince your company to allow employees to telecommute or work from home indefinitely to attract millennials.

6. Utilize Big Data

Hopefully your company is already using Big Data to find the right employees. If not, get on the bandwagon. Big Data can help you find the right type of employee that will fit in with your company culture.

7. Focus on Pain Points

Try to find out what types of pain your candidates might feel if they don’t work for your company. Focus on those pain points when interviewing and recruiting candidates. Highlight the ways that working for your company might minimize that pain altogether.

8. Create an Employee Referral Program

Seek out the employees who excel at their jobs and offer them bonuses for referring other employees. This type of incentive works well because you can convince others to do the lion’s share of the legwork for you. In general, many employees are familiar with other employees of the same stature.

9. Rehire Legacy Employees

Just because an employee quit doesn’t mean that employee is a lost cause. Reach out to some of the best employees who no longer work for the company to find out if they’d be interested in working for you once again. You might find that those employees left because their time at the company had come to an end. You might also find that they are interested in coming back.

10. Utilize Mobile Technology

The majority of new hires look for jobs using their mobile devices these days. If your company’s website or hiring system isn’t optimized for mobile devices, you will end up missing out on an entire demographic. This is especially important for an IT staffing agency as mobile technology is generally at the forefront of most tech’s minds.

11. Don’t Be Shy About Your Culture

Most candidates are more interested in a company’s culture than they are the benefits or job description. Make sure your description of your company’s culture is accurate to attract the right type of candidates.

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