File this one in the "Another Jerry Rant" section......


Here's what has happened to me about half the time I've had a chance to catch up on the latest here:


I see an inviting title and click.  Right off the bat I realize "Yep - another self-promo blog" and back out.  I'll give a few of them a shot - but still find myself wondering why this junk was posted.  I mean - for many of them it's hard to even find a way to kick-start a conversation.  Just plain old canned marketting junk. 


Sure - it's your companies latest/hottest/upcoming industry-wide report on X, Y or Z.  Wow!  (Not!)


I wish there was a button where - and this is where community comes into this - if enough people clicked it then it would just disappear!  Wouldn't that be grand?


Perhaps nothing would happen until 10 - or 20 members clicked it.  But it would at least give me a tiny, tiny bit of satisfaction after having given your crappy ad just a tiny slice of my day.


Do I want to click a link to your white paper? No.

Do I want to follow a link to see the entire results of your survey? Still no.

Do I want to "follow this discussion" over on your page? Hell no!

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Comment by RecruitingBlogs on September 10, 2012 at 6:47pm

We hear you Jerry.  There are vendors with as much good content as there are with poor content.  We watch the site and pull the blogs that are pure marketing when we see them.  There are some posts from vendors that do also put out good information about what is going on and those are more of what we allow.  We do get a lot of (direct email) feedback about this topic.  We have a plan in the works that will hopefully assist us with this.  The real question is when is a blog a blog?  I know which ones I like to read, but not what everyone likes to read.

PS this is Noel

Comment by Sandra McCartt on September 11, 2012 at 12:06am

I had the same thought when i checked in this morning.  Only it went something like.  Oh crap here we go again with all the marketing bullshit.

In answer to Noel's question.  When is a blog a's like porn.  I know it when i see it.  Like you know when the author is a brand new member and they are a marketer and their first post starts out with.."We at the whoopty doodleshit software (insert whatever they are peddling here ,survey's , firm, reruiting firm, blah, blah) can make your dreams come true with whoopty doodleshit.  Just check out the fifteen links included in this post to take you to our website to read all our testimonials.  You will immediately be blessed with a cookie added to your pc, a phone call from at least five of our energetic sales reps and you will get email from us for the rest if your life.

It's not a matter of what people like to read Noel it's a matter of is this piece of crap written to sell something.


Comment by Sandra McCartt on September 11, 2012 at 12:32am

And this will make you happy Jer.  Martin Shaw who owns RecruitSmarterTechnology or whatever he is hyping like a big dog is also moderating comments.  OUr very favorite kind of poster.  A self promoter who moderates comments.

Comment by Sandra McCartt on September 11, 2012 at 12:59am

Did you ever play the game when you were a kid called "Button, button, who has the button"?

I don't know who has the button but i sure want to find it.  It would make my day to be able to click a button that said, "Take your marketing junk and shove it".  Or just a little button like the one on Linkedin that says, "flag as a promotion".



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