What an HR person can do to find job for himself?

People believe that finding a job for the HR graduate is very easy. This is because they are the one who appoints other people and they know how to get the job. This is one of the many misconceptions that most of the people from other fields have for the human resource management department. Even this field of work is still on the rise and in the talks by many, people also believe on these myths, and many take this as their option for the future without having required skills for that job.

An HR guy also has to do all those efforts to take a job that every normal person does. However because the recruiters know that the guy they are looking to hire is also related to the HR person and he knows all of our practices of hiring, they make some attempts to do the things differently.

If you are going to get your degree in HR or the initial stages and looking to get a job in HR for some experience, following are the few things which you can do to find a job for yourself in the HR.


According to some business experts, the HR is the only profession which is entirely dependent on the networks. They say that a good HR person is the one who has the biggest network or pool of talent. However, they never say that a fresh HR graduate or the student also need some networks to get into it. You have to build your networks from the first day you step into your HR degree program. These networks should be strong enough to present your case in front of their top management because usually, the top management hires the HR staffs.


Just like any other field of job, education is also important to get HR job. You should know this HR field is much more than just the theory that you learn in your degree program. It is much more related to the man handling and a job in which you will have to manage the things without having the manager tag in your job description. That is why your education counts a lot in it. The most common practice that every HR student do is to go for the MBA just to show some management skills. This method is working too but if you want to be different from others and want to get more success without trying the cliché process. You should do any job even at the lowest position in HR and then apply for the Executive MBA because this is the degree which is entirely oriented for the man management and to improve the problem-solving skills.

Should be clear about your purpose in HR:

Before doing any attempt, you should be clear and know why you want to work in the human resource field and what you have to offer for the HR department of any company. Find what soft skills you have to offer to your employer that he or she cannot find in anyone else. After that, you have to hone those skills and learn how to transfer those. This is important to know because it will help you in finding the right opportunity for you and you will also be more confident in selling yourself to your potential employer.

Start from the bottom:

Just like every skyscraper needs to dig in deep to build, every illustrious career also needs some digging in in the start. Do not aim to get a job in any giant unless you get it due to something extraordinary you did in your education. The HR is one of those fields in which the experience is much more valuable than the education. In the bigger companies, you would not be judged on the basis of your college grads. You will only be judged that how much time you have searched in this industry. That is why you have to earn some experience from the smaller companies. Moreover, it is also important for your learning too. You would have to understand all those methods of tackling the people and man handling before trying to get considered by the bigger firms. Moreover, you would have to be careful not to jump towards any bigger firm because if you get ignored by them once, you will not get another chance to prove yourself again.

Consider your career in recruiting:

If after doing everything, you are not getting a chance to be in the HR department of any company, there are other options too to start your career in the same field. You can be an outsourced recruiter for any firm. The job in the recruitment companies is easy to get. Moreover, it provides you with a wonderful opportunity to make your networks within the different companies.

Conclusive words:

I am addressing these strategies only to the new in human resources. Moreover, these words are not the only beaten path. You could try something extra, but you have to think twice every time before taking any step towards finding a career in the HR.


Author Bio:

Emma Dale is a Master’s degree holder in Literature and has excellent skills of writing blogs and article on almost every niche. By using her impeccable writing skills, she also provides the best in UK essay help to the students in need.

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