What Beauty Career Suits Your Personality the Best?

Beauty is such a broad astoundingly diverse spectrum. It encompasses different things to different people. To some it might be inner beauty, to others outer beauty, to some maybe a beauty career where they like creating beauty by making other people beautiful.

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Now,there are some zillion job possibilities out there in the big wide world. The magic is in finding what fits you like a glove. Some careers will give you more satisfaction than others, it just depends on how well matched you are with the job you do. Beauty schools like Marinello, Toni & Guy and Empire not only train you to excel at your art, but they also help you  choose a career path based on your aptitude and interests. Jobs that actively use already inherent personality traits within you tend to be more enjoyable as you tend to use these traits more naturally and frequently. For example, it would be incredibly hard for an introvert to do a job that was incessantly socially demanding same as it would be pretty difficult for an extrovert to do a job where they never really interacted with anyone.

So what personality traits would you need for a successful beauty career?

Hair Stylist

Blue! Green! Purple! Red! Hair is so much fun to play with! Besides, who is anyone without their hair to define them, huh? Look at Rapunzel.

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A good hair stylist needs to be extroverted and intuitive enough to help a person express who they are with their hair. You will need good communication skills to put your client at ease and understand what they want from you. Creativity should flow from your fingertips every time you touch a clients’ hair. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Massage therapist

Don’t you just love massages? They are the perfect thing after a stressful week at work.

A massage is a physical and emotional experience. A good massage therapist needs to be naturally empathetic towards clients, caring about their needs and listening to what is said. They need to be intuitive enough to understand the body language of a client, gauging when they are pressing too hard or whether they need to be putting more pressure. Good communication skills are always useful to help you understand what your client needs and wants-areas to focus on or avoid, muscle pulls or injuries etc.

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Being physically fit is also important as being a massage therapist requires upper body strength as well as the stamina to stand for long hours.

…and of course good hands!

Make-up artist

One can achieve any look they want with just a little makeup… or maybe a lot.

A good make-up artist needs to be an extrovert with good communication skills so as to understand the requirements of their clients and bosses. They need to be creative, artistic and imaginative to be able to create a look for their clients that will enhance their features and boost their confidence. Physical fitness is a must as make-up artists are usually on their feet long hours. First on site they say!

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Manicurist /Pedicurist

Soft hands and gorgeous feet are the after effects of a mani-pedi!

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To be a good manicurist/pedicurist one must possess good communication skills to listen, understand and respond to a client’s preference. You need to be gentle and be able to perceive when an action might hurt the client. Being an extrovert will help as there will be an unending stream of people to interact with all day. Artistic skill and creativity with color combinations and designs are always appreciated by clients.

Check yourself out; see where you fit in…

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They say, beauty is fleeting, but as long as we can… let’s make people beautiful!

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