What Does Lin-Sanity Have to Do With Recruiting?

For those of us that are basketball fans we are experiencing something great in Lin-Sanity Jeremy Lin Story.  What a story… Lin goes from sleeping on the couch not knowing where he will be sent next, to starting 5 games and hitting a shot in the final seconds.  We are seeing something very special.  They say in basketball you know when a player is great e.g. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant when they win, win consistently, are a leader on the team and come through in those pressure filled moments while the clock is winding down and hitting the clutch shot to win the game.  We have also experienced the Tebow phenomenon in football and learned some great lessons.  People point out this guy (Tebow) who in the 4th quarter ends up pulling it together.  Why is this defined as a phenomenon?  We saw in the last few Broncos games and even the playoffs if you are not consistent the whole game, at some point that luck will run out.  You have to have the consistency of Lin, winning games and delivering and only pulling it out in the last few seconds of the game on an occasional basis when it's absolutely needed it to take the account to the next level.  The point is, in recruiting it’s about consistency of delivery.

I have remediated many accounts where I have to come in during the 4th quarter to take on the team and turn around the entire account (or game in this example).  What I see time and time again is inconsistency in recruiting and delivery got the account to the point of where it is.  In fact, the account is typically so inconsistent, that it is on the verge of being pulled completely and changing vendors or even the client taking it internally themselves.  I have people ask me time and time again, how do I make it happen?  How do I get the account to sustainability during the 4th quarter when all hope seemed to be lost?  It’s simple, I really don't want to come in and have to be the Tebow, but I do, and after a few short scoring drives or quick runs, the key is to implement....Lin-Sanity. 

When you are delivering results whether you are a recruiter, manager, director or executive, it comes down to staying on top of your game, understanding the need, LISTENING, having excellent court vision and game IQ and delivering consistently with pride about what you do and how well you do it while never giving up.  People in general do not want to underperform, but they need to be given the trust and tools to perform.  Realness and transparency goes a long way.  I always begin by setting the expectation with the client and team, everyone gets a chance.  There is quite a bit of turnover that happens in the 1st 30 days.  I would guess about 50%.  Some of it is good attrition, some bad.  It goes with the theme of change and it is something that you cannot avoid.   Once you lead and people start believing in what you do, understanding the vision and see the path ahead for them, they will stay and the client will begin to trust.  Your turnover will go to virtually nonexistent (unless you have to coach to exit). 

With both clients and teams:  Take a humble approach, motivate the team, drive to consistent results, hit the game winning shots in the clutch, give credit to not only yourself, but those who pulled it through right alongside of you. 

In recruiting and project management we cannot be the Tebow of recruiting, you have to be the Lin.

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Comment by Tim Spagnola on February 15, 2012 at 1:58pm

Jenn - love the Lin posts! Keep them coming......... There are a lot of great lesson here and you touched upon a few. It is a great story that most folks can pull a thing or two from, but really feel it works well with recruiters. Dig deeper folks - there is talent all around!

Comment by Sandra McCartt on February 15, 2012 at 2:52pm

Did i misread this.  or are you in temp or contract staffing.  If you are seeing 50% turnover/atttrition in the first 30 days that has to be something other than perm recruiting.  I would cut my wrists and go be a cocktail waitress if i had 50% fallout in the first 30 days.

Comment by Jenn Francine on February 15, 2012 at 3:09pm

@Tim - Most definitely!  It certainly is!

@Sandra - You are misinterpreting the information of the entire post it seems.  This is specifically in remediation.  In a delivery misfire it's specifically dealing with the team delivering the service on a perm basis or even contract depending if it's MSP or RPO.  It's when something is falling apart at the seams for a multitude of reasons and you have to build it to deliver the service.  Process and people.  I am not talking about candidate turnover at all.

Comment by Sandra McCartt on February 15, 2012 at 5:39pm

I think you are correct.  This one is beyond me.  Should have kept my mouth shut.  I can not relate to sports analogy to real life.  Moving on now , sorry for the blip obviously my lack of comprehension.  :)


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