What is the potential value of Diversity & Inclusion as an Industry and how can Recruiters make money?

My most recent publication on Linkedin titled ' Diversity & Inclusion on your Linkedin Profile?' aims to show how Google became the largest Diversity & Inclusion company on the planet. Not in the way you would have thought, but when you read my publication you can see the point. In simple terms, Google is a Diversity & Inclusion company through its Adsense Affiliate Program that till this day allows any blog, site or entity to make an income. Google inadvertently powered thousands of sites and catalyzed the SEO industry that never previously existed! Google also enabled an infinite number of professionals to become Google Certified professionals, thereby helping make an income and establishing careers for themselves. So for all these reasons, I can't think of any other company that is more Inclusive & Diverse as Google to scale. Facebook, Twitter and the much loved Linkedin don't share any part of their revenue with anyone as far as I can see. Point is Diversity & Inclusion does not always mean the diversity of hiring in the workplace. So to amplify my point, Blackworld.com aims to learn from Google and implement a Diversity & Inclusion strategy in kind, that should allow what we infer to as Diversity & Inclusion Partners, the ability to make an income from our growth, like Google did to scale.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Value Proposition for Recruiters

You may have noticed recently that Fortune 500 companies particularly are opening up Diversity & Inclusion departments and hiring top executives to communicate their messages, objectives and goals. But what is really happening, is the world is changing exponentially in terms of talent acquisition and recruitment to properly reflect Employer Brands. People need to understand, the moment the internet became commercialized meant, all kinds of disruptions throughout industry value chains will inevitably change everything. Social Media, Internet Connectivity, Education & Learning, eCommerce all lead to diversity in the Recruitment marketplace. Did you know New York city for instance has more than 3,000 Doctors of Nigerian origin?

What is the recruitment value of those skilled professionals most recruiters have never thought about? Do the math yourself, because these professionals are being hired and sought after across every industry in the United States, United Kingdom and across EMEA ( Europe, Middle East & Africa ). Fortune 500 companies are the first to fully understand the value of these growing ethnic professionals from Asia, Africa, Latin Americans, African Americans and most notably Indians. Product development inevitably leads to inclusion of new consumer markets that are part of an Employer Brand.

The monetary value of diversity recruitment as an industry is in the multi-billions of dollars according to Forbes and Blackworld aims to be part of the process that helps Recruiters and Employers attract these professionals over our Job Board and Ecosystem. But what we've also figured out is this... what if we can get Recruiters who are the fundamental bedrock of sourcing talent involved in referring employers to post jobs and share in our potential growth revenues, leading to growth of the largest Diversity Recruitment Job Board ever?

That's our goal and recruiters or anyone can be part of it through our new Affiliate Program that allows recruiters to post jobs through their unique affiliate link and/or share affiliate links with other recruiters and employers. It's a partnership strategy in kind similar to Google's Adsense, allowing Partners to earn substantial revenue growth. Here is something you've probably never thought about... did you know the reason ' Africa is Rising ' is a narrative shared by Fortune 500 companies because investment banks such as Merrill Lynch and others have done the math? They project Africa is going to be worth about $14 Trillion by 2030 from $3 Trillion today and about $30 Trillion as a global market by 2050.

Those figures according to research suggest Africa will be bigger as a whole market, more than China & Europe combined! Today, our Job Board still focuses primarily on United States job postings, however we are now getting into the African market, its going to be huge as everything needs to be built...everything a to z. IBM, Cisco, Google and several others are rapidly expanding into Africa and desperately need talent. We are softly launching a Virtual 3D Recruitment platform for the African market called AfricaRecruiting.com. However our current United States Jobs Board is also ready to assimilate job postings relative to anywhere in Africa starting from now.

Furthermore, organizations such as the Mastercard Foundation (see this video) are helping 15,000 Africans with Scholarships at top Universities across the United States! The first class will graduate in 2016, these candidates are either going to stay in America or go back home and build. By the same token, have you heard of a United States startup called Andela? These guys are also training and sponsoring Engineers in Africa and getting them directly hired at Fortune 500 companies in the United States! The need and scramble for talent through diversity is a clear market paradigm.

How our Affiliate Partnership Program works:

Affiliate Partners will earn $60 each time an employer or recruiter posts a job or package on blackworld diversity job board through our 90 day cookie. That's the generic program. However if a recruiter has a direct connection with employers who they have identified to post in bulk, or buy any of our packages, then the recruiter should talk to us directly to negotiate a higher commission fee up to 15% of a bulk or package buy. This is how it works with Recruitment Advertising Agencies.

If you take a look at Linkedin, there are many companies posting thousands of jobs, great for Linkedin! However, a lot of those companies can diversify their posting on job boards such as Blackworld to amplify recruitment posts and in the process improve ROI through cost efficiency. You could pay ' x ' on Linkedin, but pay ' y ' on blackworld for example and achieve conversion for the same job and impact at a lower rate. It's called ' investment arbitrage trading ' where pricing differentials lead to a hedge return on investment.

Blackworld aims to utilize its ecosystem of media and technology applications to do something no other media platform does... Employer Branding! We have an ecosystem that will combine media assets such as videos and banner display with job packages as a media campaign at no further cost to the employer. See our Jobs Board Media Kit.

Employer Branding is a value added angle to help employers attract talent they need and get skilled professionals excited about working for them, as in this Abercrombie video on Blackworld Community... we really love this one! Here is a global employer who previously had diversity issues in its workplace. They have now cleverly re-branded themselves to be diverse & inclusive. We can amplify employer videos and run it for free over our ecosystem of media applications including our job board with package buys. We are at the very early stages of what is going to be a significant growth market as the world changes and forward thinking companies who get it compete for the best ethnic talent across the United States and worldwide.

Blackworld invites you to become a Diversity & Inclusion Partner...be part of it. If you like and share our vision, Signup to our Affiliate Program here and refer employers who need to post jobs, or post for them through your affiliate referral link. Another important metric recruiters should be aware of is the natural growth curve in this new exciting market segment of diversity, and that is, these aforementioned ethnic groups provide the youngest growing demographic on the planet as we speak... it's going to be big, game changing and anyone can be part of it helping us grow this sector and sharing in the rewards.

I hope this publication provides a forward thinking insight to an emerging market of talent that anyone can be part of.

Thanks very much indeed for Joining and Helping us grow!

About Blackworld
Blackworld.com is an ecosystem of media and technology applications that aims to solve problems through branding, organizing and distributing information that helps connect the world with Africa and its global communities in the Diaspora.

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