Stories make the world go round.  It’s stories that bring us back to your favorite TV show, stories that make you buy a product and ultimately stories that make a candidate want to work for a company.  The key with stories is making sure to craft and lead with your best ones (preferably as early as possible in your recruiting process.)


That is not to say you can’t have multiple stories that provide value to your recruiting organization.  It’s just that you need to prioritize which stories headline your company and the value you provide as an employer as having too many (or conflicting) stories can be more of a detriment than a help.


The key is to develop one main story arc that is supported by the best stories you’ve crafted.  Your story should answer the statement, “Our company is a great employer because _____”!  Lead with your best and educate candidates on why they should want to work for your company.


Once you come up with your best story, share it with your target candidate audience.  Here are a few ways you can share your story with candidates:


Social Recruiting: Utilizing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you can consistently share great stories with interested candidates on a daily basis.  Make sure to promote these channels on all your recruitment marketing touch-points (career site, job application, etc.) so you can build up your followers on these channels.


Career Site: Your career site should not only be used to list job opportunities for your company but it should be a place for interested candidates to hear your story.  Make sure you provide interactive content (blog, videos, etc.) on why it’s great to work for your company and let your recruitment story show through!


Web Commercials:  With your job distribution channels, you have a great opportunity to educate candidates during the process.  By inserting video as a step within your job application process, you can easily promote your recruitment story and increase the likelihood that candidates finish the apply process (as more candidates drop off than you think!)


So take some time to identify what your recruitment story is and figure out ways to communicate it to your target candidates.  There a number of ways to get it in front of candidates and your organization needs to just pick a few that are the best fits for your recruitment marketing strategy.  Measure the performance of all your messaging with recruitment metrics and see what works best.  You may be surprised with what resonates best for your best candidates.

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Comment by Chris Brablc on June 30, 2011 at 4:54pm
Morgan - Thanks for the comment!  I do agree with you not only do you need to say why you are different but you need to prove and show it once employees are in the company.  Employees should play a major role in your story and can be great facilitators in getting the story to potential candidates.


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