What Kind of Careers Benefit from Scrubs at Work

Traditionally, when we think of who may wear scrubs, we tend to think of hospital staff, surgeons, nurses and technicians. But, actually, scrubs are worn in many professions. They don’t have to be expensive. There are some great cheap scrubs available that are fashionable and will hold up under work conditions and wear for a long time.

If you are in the beauty industry and are a hairstylist, manicurist or even a pet groomer, you may wear scrubs. Medical professionals including pharmacists and dental hygienists, as well as teachers, artists and more all may wear scrubs. And, they are worn for a variety of reasons.

In the health field, scrubs represent cleanliness. In the surgery room, a fresh, clean set of scrubs are worn by everyone involved and in the surgical room, to reduce germs and any possibility of infection. Scrubs are worn by the variety of hospital staff that comes into contact with patients. They have come to represent professionalism as well.

Within the nursing community, there is always discussion about proper dress within scrubs. If you can’t get a stain out, then get new scrubs. Scrubs, a Nurse’s Guide to Good Living, has an interesting article on this subject.

Veterinarians and animal care staff also wear scrubs when providing medical care for animals. Pet professionals including dog and cat groomers also frequently wear scrubs.  As well as being clean for surgery and other pet emergencies, they also prevent hair and other matter from getting on other clothing.

In the beauty industry, scrub tops are often worn over other clothes to keep the hair, hair dye, nail gel and other products off the stylists clothing underneath. Aestheticians also benefit from the protection of scrubs when treating their clients.

People in all of these industries get accustom to wearing scrubs and are usually more comfortable working in them, than in other clothing. Some wear similar cheap scrubs around the house while cleaning. And, a lot of people will stop and run errands in them on their way home from work, or perhaps on their way into work.

If you work in a medical office and wear scrubs, should you need to change when going out for lunch or running errands? We have become accustom to seeing many people in their scrubs. But, what about those who wear their surgical scrubs out in public is this appropriate or not. After all, they are supposed to be clean each time they are worn and taken off after being involved in a procedure. This was addressed in a Physician's Weekly online blog.

Whatever your profession, if you wear scrubs and have to purchase them yourself, they do not have to be expensive. There are a lot of trends in scrub fashions now, as they are worn such a diverse variety of work environments. You can find cheap scrubs to fit your needs that will wear well and meet the needs of your work, while being fashionable.

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