This is an interesting contest, and since it is pretty random who will win anyway, it will be fun to see what everyone else thinks about themselves! :)

1. My motto is: "It is not just about who you know, but how well you keep in touch with them". I live by this motto, and more recently this has proven extremely important with my recent lay off and job search (as well as soul search). You know the saying is usually it's not about what you know but who you know, so I take it a step further. Knowing people means nothing and I hate getting invites on Linked In from someone just trying to boost their numbers of people they know. Networking is about creating a relationship, so how I keep in touch with people ties into that relationship big time.

2. Social Networking: I have to put a plug in for this site as well as the other social mediums that exist. I started my first blog 4 years ago when the term blogging was not even in the dictionary. It is now mainstream, so I feel that making the decision to blog so long ago was a good move. It has paid off in more ways than one. It is kind of like keeping a journal. I love to keep a journal because it helps me sit down and reflect on me. Sort of a "look at the man in the mirror" approach. By writing it down, I sometimes surprise myself at how selfish I have been or how much knowledge I lacked in my decision. Self-reflection is key to becoming successful because change needs to happen constantly and consistently.

3. Constant, Consistent Learning: This is big for me. Due to an audit by the Department of Labor last year, I went out of my way and paid for the materials to take my PHR exam this past January (which I passed!). I did it on my own dime without any classes. Just reading materials and then applying it at work (since it was needed anyway). This opened my eyes to the legal side of HR that sometimes as a recruiter I was lacking. It stirred within me the need to constantly learn and seek ways to know more than my colleagues. (yeah I am a little competitive, I know).

4. Teach Others: You can't go and learn something without sharing it. I learned a long time ago that true leaders lead by example and bring people with them. If all I did was learn to get ahead and leave everyone behind, I'd be pretty lonely. I have had many opportunities to teach others and love to see the excitement when they "get it". You can't learn without sharing it with others.

5. Have Fun: I have always told those I teach and interview: if you can't be passionate about it, don't do it. People will catch on quickly if you love what you do or don't. Don't lie to yourself, otherwise you will hate it! I love what I do, and it shows in my work!

So there you go: 5 reasons why I am a smart recruiter!

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