What’s the New Buzz around Growth Hacking?

It is not easy to predict the future. We all want to know how recruitment will be evolved in future. Especially with technology being the current trend, what will be its scope and how it will affect recruitment?

Artificial Intelligence is dominating the HR industry. Chatbots are considered to be an important element to be included in recruitment process. But is AI the only way to get better candidates? You might have to think again as there are new concepts coming up each day.

All About AI

AI is still a new concept. Recruiters are exploring its potential to see how and to what extent it can help in talent acquisition. Most of them have not used it while others are a bit hesitant as they are unsure about the outcomes. Also, if we talk about small scale businesses, they find AI to be quite expensive. First of all, they do not have enough finances to invest in the same. Secondly, understanding the complexities of such a software needs a lot of technical knowledge and resources.

What is the new trend?

Growth Hacking is an emerging concept which is gaining popularity in small-scale businesses. For startups, it means a marketing technique which is devised with an analytical and creative thinking along with social metrics for the sole purpose of selling a product. In simple words, it means using different marketing strategies and channels to grow your business.

If we talk about recruitment, recruiters have already started using growth hacking tricks. Thinking different is the key strategy when it is about making an effective marketing plan. Recruiters constantly make efforts to find quality candidates for their company within a stipulated time. Growth hacking uses new ideas, shortcuts and technology to automate recruitment activities at a low cost. Adopting new methods and experimenting is the foundation of this concept.       

How It Can Help?

Using technology, which is easy to use, is the best way a startup or a small organization can grow. There are many challenges faced by recruiters while looking for the best fit. Choosing a resume parsing tool which does not require any coding is the solution. Small company owners do not possess technical knowledge to use a software. Thus, using a tool which will not give you any technical glitch will enhance the recruitment process. Such tools are available at a low price making them affordable. All strategies executed, techniques and strategies devised and tools implemented by a growth hacker contribute towards finding the right fit.

Apart from using technology, another growth hack is to buy domain names. Online marketing is an effective way to generate online traffic. A referral discount is another way of getting more customers/candidates.

Growth hacking means experimenting. You need to find a new solution or strategy every now and then to attract new candidates/prospects to your business.

How Growth Hacking is Better than AI?

A brief comparison between these two concepts show why small-scale businesses should go for growth hacking.

  • Less investment is required as compared to any AI software.
  • It is easy to learn growth hacking tips than technical coding of AI.
  • Through experimenting, you can create innovative job ads.

In order to work for the advancement of your organization, growth hacking is termed as a helpful tool. You can keep a track on data and draw conclusions on the basis of statistics. What matters in growth hacking is the right content with the right message. When you write relevant and meaningful content, this concept can help you in bringing quality candidates to your company. Apart from having an effective recruitment process, you can also market your company, company products and culture.    

Following age-old methods in marketing are not enough. It is important to adapt new technologies and concepts to enhance growth of your business. Though artificial intelligence is a big name in HR tech industry but this year is quite significant for growth hackers. However, it must be noted that growth hacking cannot replace digital marketing. The only common element between these two is focus on creativity and experimentation to achieve desired goals. Thus, if you want to have a quick and low-cost solution, don’t waste your time and become a growth hacker.   


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