How often do you update your software? For instance, do you update every time there is a new release to take advantage of the latest in technology? Do you update your operating system to gain advantage as soon as it's released, OR do you wait? Like most people you probably upgrade your software every couple years due to a forced change.

I mean why change right? If it's working and current software you have gets you by why change? The time it would take to learn the new software and use it probably isn't worth your time?

Now let's imagine there is a change in your job. The old software doesn't allow you to create presentation, run projects, create reports, etc… Other people are doing things completely different than your software can do. It's time to update and learn the new product to be like everyone else!

People are just like software. We stay the old version until there is a Reason to change. We are comfortable with how we do things and making a complete upgrade to ourselves would require time. It would require a new way of thinking and then, it would change the way I live and do my job.

Let me give an example: If you are a salesperson who has spent his/her life making coldcall after coldcall, you realize today something is different. People today do not pick up the phone. People today may not even pick up emails from strangers… that is so 2 years ago. Prospects today have so much information at their fingertips they can find the person they want to buy from with relative ease. They can find the person they trust.

Now if you are the sales person who is just catching on to this, how many of your competitors have already jumped ahead of you? Since you are using 3 year old tricks(or older), you realize you need to create a new version of yourself. One that understands new social media tools, must get involved in other forms of marketing that get the customer to notice you.

If your intent is to be marketable, to be a leader, you cannot be an old version of yourself. You must constantly upgrade. A significant upgrade means you have fallen way behind other people and this can effect your standing in your current job, it certainly will be reflected in your resume and can affect your ability to become employed.

Don't wait until you must upgrade. You must learn every day. You must go to industry meetings, get the latest certifications and training, take the plunge in new technologies and new ways of doing things.

Look at how the younger generation is attacking problems and people that are respected in your industry.

Young or old, it doesn't matter. You can get complacent and the version you are may not survive the next wave of change!!!

Go upgrade… Today!!! Become the New Version before anyone else does

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