What’s the big hype about designing a résumé anyway?

What’s the big deal, really? A résumé is a résumé right? The point is to throw everything you ever did on paper, and of course the longer the résumé the more proof you have that you’re experienced and valuable, right? It’s not like a résumé really matters because you will totally win them over during the interview – of course. When this is the talk track from clients, friends, family or people I just happen to meet, I think “shoot me now”.

Ok, don’t get me wrong I realize it takes awareness to understand the importance and value of a stellar designed résumé that puts even the best marketing ads to shame! I too was in the dark for many years, even as a Recruiter and then an HR Consultant, I know I am ashamed...But I have seen the light! I wanted to understand what all the hype was about. How can a résumé be so different from the zillions of other résumés?

It was by chance I found an ad on Craigslist, followed up on it and met with Adrienne Tom, CPRW, founder of Career Impressions. Adrienne brought a whole other way of thinking and approaching the endless and typical duties and responsibilities drone of a résumé. She also recommended checking out Wendy Enelow, MRW aka Résumé Writing Guru! From there on my résumé days were changed forever. Thanks Adrienne and Wendy!

Awareness Level 1: Your résumé has to do the selling for you. That’s right, before you can sell yourself in the interview – hello – you have to beat out the hundreds of other applicants who also think their résumés are good enough.

Awareness Level 2: Before designing your résumé you must figure out your brand! What are you selling? How can you design an outstanding marketing and sales pitch résumé if you don’t know what makes you a hot and in demand commodity?

Awareness Level 3: Take advantage of Certified Résumé Writer’s expertise. Sure you can got to Chapters or Amazon and order your books. You can also spend hours reading through them trying to understand how to transfer your old résumé into the new examples you see before you. What you will be missing is the benefits and expertise the CPRW’s bring from years and hundreds to thousands of client experience. Believe me, you likely don’t even realize that you have skills and experiences not listed on your current résumé that would prove much more valuable as sales tools versus what you may have listed right now.

Awareness Level 4: Yes it is a big deal, that is if you want to score the interview. This isn’t about the financial cost, it’s about changing your perception and realizing this is your first step at investing in yourself, your brand and your career success.

What has been your experience? When did your awareness level change, and why?

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